Welcome to mobile phone therapy where Paul is having a little little little challenge okay are you sure because I don’t know if you are know this that was quite the outrage ten seconds before you know I my wife and I just travel to Dublin right and so we were walking on the city and before that we were in.

And same thing you know you’re you don’t want to interrupt the moment you’re walking around and you’re.

Looking at stuff and you’re talking about things and you see something you want to take a picture of and you know you take out your camera your phone.

And then in the case of the pixel 2xl which is my what was my current phone you.

Know you weights like an interminable amount of time for it to rotate the screen and.

Then you click on the camera button and.

Nothing happens and then it finally appears and but now people like waiting on.

You you know and it’s frustrating so one of the many things I was looking forward to with the new phone whatever it might be would be the faster performance of the camera and I sure this weekend we’re yeah I know normal want where I’d.

Like my nephew’s birthday party yesterday to pull over the pixel three Excel rotate the thing it like slowly rotates they hit the camera button it’s like one two it’s a brand new phone it’s a brand new phone and what’s amazing is this problem that I just described isn’t even in the top two problems I’m having with the phone it’s brand new go on go on I’m enjoying this please continue well one of the things you know cuz you start using.

It right and right and little things kind of creep in and so I went upstairs probably Saturday I don’t know I laid on the bed when I started doing duolingo and I spend like ten or twenty.

Minutes on it depending on the day mm-hmm and a cup you know any I don’t use it with headphones.

Obviously so there’s a business speaker issue with it to excel because it’s got that speakers in the knotch where the sound is heavily biased to the right which is the lower bezel and it’s yeah you know it’s true it’s there it’s like it sounds like a.

Little mono because it’s mostly coming out of.

The right side and you like what is I mean this is something it would be easy.

To fix this I but it’s you know whatever so I’m like okay.

I can deal with that it’s not completely horrific plus I’m using the phone in landscape mode to do don’t let go anyone had put remote um the sound is.

Really tinny like echoey and you can feel the fine I’ve got.

A case on this thing dude I could feel the phone vibrating with the speaking and I’m like okay this is never sounded this crappy and I’m like maybe this is sound quality setting and duolingo that I’m not remembering and I’m looking around I don’t see it so I break out the the three which I’ve still not returned although I’d already registered or returned it and this one doesn’t have a case and it’s got that same tinny.

Terrible sound and it’s what you can feel it like.

Almost quivering in your hand as it talks mm-hmm so I’m like okay well maybe I should look listen maybe it’s the app I don’t know so I played a movie I listened to some music and it finally I showed it to my wife and I was like break out your phone I want to hear how these exact.