The art of seduction is a nonfiction book by Robert Greene which describes nine different types of seducers the goal is to find out what kind of seducer are you some of us are several different types of seducers and others just have one strong seduction quality and that is the important thing to note here it isn’t the quantity but.

The quality of seductions that make someone truly irresistible this video is done in partnership with Adam and Eve an adult online store where you guys can go and get all of your sexual.

Fantasies met from the comfort and privacy of your computer every single outfit that I am wearing in this video is from Adam and Eve calm now if you do choose to go to the site and you do see something that you want to pick up and buy use my promo code which gets you 50% off any one single item plus free shipping the first type of seducer is the siren they are the.

Visual appetite some famous seducers today would be Kim Kardashian.

Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra how do you know if you’re a siren do you crave the attention do you not mind with people who can never have you.

Secretly lust after your every single movement if so you might be a siren next we have the rake the rake isn’t trying to hide the fact that they get what they want when they want it and however many they want at their given time rakes.

Are Casanova’s and held to be honest they’re players but the thing about it is they don’t try to hide that you know the reputation.

You know what they’re after and you know what they’re about that doesn’t stop them from being highly seductive some famous rakes Ryan Gosling George Clooney and our girl Rihanna the next type of seducer is the ideal lover all of us have dreams goals visions of who we are but more importantly who we are supposed to be an.

Ideal lover sees that in you they see your greatness and they bring it to the forefront an ideal lover shows you a world where you are exactly who you want to be the exact person that you want to.

Be with now some famous idea lovers out there have.

Been Leonardo DiCaprio specifically in.

Titanic where he played Jack who showed Rose her true identity and more importantly who her true love is supposed to be and when he’s not being a rake Drake is also an ideal lover next let’s meet the dandy I’ve talked about this many times before how the Kinsey scale goes from zero to six the truth of the matter is that very few of us are a true zero which is absolutely heterosexual and a true six which.

Is a hundred-percent homosexual most of us are somewhere in between a dandy brings that truth to light they play in androgyny sometimes they’re feminine sometimes they’re masculine you can’t really.

Put a thumb or a finger on their sexuality it is free wild and expressive now some famous dandies.p to that legend Ruby Rose is another one and one of my personal friends is Ari Fitz who deliciously plays in Hurd and eNOS now the fun thing about dandy is that they bring to life a fantasy that we all desire which is freedom.

From gender roles and gender conformity now I want you guys to meet the natural all of us secretly longed to go back to our childhood days when we were free from insecurities free.