Colleges 58 meters Brad Tollefson ap Texas Tech coach Kliff Kingsbury talks to Oklahoma’s tyler murray 1 after an NCAA college football game Saturday November 3rd 2018 in Lubbock Texas AP photo Brad Tollefson by Selby Lopez staff writer at Lopez Selby 31 here are some of the highlights from Texas Tech’s postgame press are after a 51 246 loss to.

Oklahoma on Saturday head coach Kliff Kingsbury and his team’s effort we have been fighting hard we just got to find a way to win these games we’re not getting it done at the end of these close games and.

Proud of Jets effort I thought he came.

In a little bit sluggish I didn’t give him good plays early things he was comfortable with but that’s a tough spot once again he’s thrown into and he competes and gives us a chance see I was proud of his effort but we got to find a way to finish these five takeaways from Texas Tech’s loss to Oklahoma if not for Allen Bowman’s injury with the Red Raiders have pulled off the upset on his defense’s performance yeah especially early getting those turnovers giving us a chance to put some.

Distance between us and we really didn’t like we could have and there are really really good offense that Oh line with that quarterback I don’t know who will stop them the way that quarterback can move and run and then beat you in the pocket he’s phenomenal I don’t know who is better than him in the.

Country or who has been better than him in the last however many years he is a special special talent out there on de Leon Ward’s.

Performance it was good to get him going again that’s what we expected all year he.

Had that growing injury and he hadn’t come back the way we needed him to the explosiveness in his running but he looked like it all week in practice and he looked like it tonight that he got his explosiveness back and he could cut full-speed and so we got to keep him going.

We need to continue to work on that run game it got a little funky there trying to keep up at the end and we didn’t run as much as we would have liked but we.

Had some big plays in the run game which gave us a chance on Kyler Murray you don’t I’ve said this all week.

But I’ve watched him from sophomore year in high school on and nobody’s ever ever slowed him down I’ve never seen him have a bad game those are the first two like back-to-back interceptions I’ve ever seen him have he’s phenomenal I don’t know what you do that’s why I say.

I think he could play at the next level the way that those NFL offenses are.

Playing in the spread and doing stuff I don’t know they wouldn’t be able to stop him up there either DB juice dis Parker and Kyler Murray’s game I thought we got off to a good start those two interceptions we haven’t had a lot of quarterbacks do that in first half but he’s next-level speed I had a sack easy and he just outran me around the corner see I mean we got to play better especially if we’re.

Going against a guy like that but I didn’t think he was anything that we couldn’t beat that we couldn’t stop but props to him he played a good game he battled back after those two interceptions on upcoming game versus Texas.

You can just feel it I mean it’s tough to come in to the Jones and play especially with a big crowd.