Everyone so welcome to my channel my name is Nicole and today we were going to go over to noodle products from the then I met new skincare line and the NMIT skincare line was created by the co-founder of SoCo glam charlotte Cho and she created two products that work in conjunction with each other and that is her cleansing.

Balm and cleansing gel so I’m really excited to go over these two products with you guys because she just put so much time and thought into what she curates on the SoCo glam.

Website so I can only imagine what she put the time in put the time she put into creating these products here so I’m really excited to get into that with you guys and go over you everything so let’s get right.

Into the video so just start off your double cleanse you do you’re gonna want to use the oil-based cleansing balm first so this oil-based cleansing balm contains a plethora of different ingredients so you.

Have your antioxidants like grapeseed oil Seabury grapefruit peel oil and then you have your olive oil base here which is really great for hydration or storing that lipid barrier the antioxidants will.

Protect against your free radical damage like sun exposure stress pollution and then you also have your vitamin in here which is really great for restoring the barrier as well if you have dry skin a.

Compromised skin barrier usually if you have eczema.

Or just dry skin in general you would want to use this especially with the vitamin E and the oxidants all work together to create strong healthy and clean skin barrier the other reason why I love this bomb.

Here is because of the texture that is freakin amazing I love it because it is almost like a.

Sherbert ice cream year so I’ve obviously made a dent but you would just scoop it.

Out with this little scoop here and it’s like frickin sherbert ice cream ah stick there you go and it’s just so soft and amazing on your skin whenever I use it it’s just so hydrating and you can just tell there’s a lot of thought put into the ingredients to make this kind of consistency that really soft and luscious consistency so.

The next thing we would use in your cleansing duo would be the soothing tea cleansing gel so this already has antioxidants in its name which kind of gives you an idea of how well it’s gonna work I mean anything routine it I’m gonna down for it to be honest but further more than just the tea it also has this amazing consistency this super viscous and poopy it’s not sticky it doesn’t make.

Your skin feel weird it’s just definitely this really rude goopy feeling and then when you rub it in it’s really hydrating it’s it seems right into the skin and it just feels like almost very cooling at the same time – which I.

Love I know I mentioned this had green tea net which is amazing of antioxidants for brightening and restoring radiance and protecting against free radical damage but this also contains a rice firm infiltrating base so.

What that means is that the rice Fuhrman filtrate is.

At the front of the ingredient line kind of indicating.

That it’s the heavily most concentrated ingredient within this concert here so that’s pretty crazy because.

That means your skin is getting a whole lot of radiance a whole lot of brightening kind of this so if you’re looking to brighten any dark acne scars I would definitely go for this this also contains licorice root extract which I love for dry skin and then also contains glycerin which is like my number one product here always has my back always repairing your skin any skin damage skin barrier you can.

Rely on and closer in lastly with this cleanser I just wanted to mention how it had a pH of 6 so your skin is around 5.6 pH so the six ph is gonna be very low very gentle on the skin no irritation no redness no dryness definitely I have experienced no dryness from this cleanser and neither put the balm and I know my skin is very prone to getting dry from anything it’s just dry in general so any concerns that.

Would irritate it in that kind of way with definitely show and I have not felt any of those effects.

With this cleanser so one last thing to mention about these.

Two products is that they are both fragrance free and cruelty free so.

The significance of them being fragrance free kind of just means that they do not have any extra chemicals in there that you did not ask for usually when a company puts fragrance on their bottle it could mean a bunch of different things it could either mean.

Something that they had intentionally put in they’re.

They should have indicated on the package or it can mean that there’s a plethora of different chemicals within that one fragrance so usually when you see fragrance it doesn’t just mean fragrance it means a lot of different things a lot of different chemicals being put into your products so usually just to avoid confusion I usually go for fragrance free ingredients just because they’re raw and they’re giving you what you asked for to.

Top it all off the whole reason why I love these products mainly because of the soft and hydrating consistency of all them they really hydrate my skin I have to reiterate that I usually.

Don’t use cleansing balms just because I feel like they give you that really chalky feeling that dry feeling I don’t get any oil cleanser feel from.

Them that’s why I tend to go for the pure oil cleansers just so I know and I feel that oil that hydration in my skin but what I love about this cleanser is that you don’t really get essentially a heavy oily feeling it’s just a refreshing hydrating moisturizing feeling that you should really get from all your cleansers and I’m really glad I.

Was able to get it from this one and I’m definitely gonna be reaching for this more often I also loved this cleanser because of its viscous consistency I didn’t think I was gonna be a fan of that but I just love how unique it is and how awesome it feels on the skin it’s so soothing.

It’s such it’s like a gel consistency it’s so soft in the skin it glides very velvety and.

You just feel that hydration on your skin too and I didn’t realize how much hydration I was getting not just from his cleanser but from this balm as well I after cleansing a bunch of times I started to realize I was like dangly I’ve never felt so hydrated before with these types.

Of products usually it’s a very just neutral feeling I don’t necessarily feel too hydrated or dry I just feel kind of neutral which is what I go for because that’s good for me but really I felt like I was putting on and very light moisturizing serum when I was doing this I just felt my skin was rejuvenated from these products so yeah so thank you guys so much for watching I wanted to say congratulations.

To Charlotte Cho who created these two products and she definitely had.

A lot of teamwork and a lot of help so congratulations to everyone contributed but thank you guys for watching again and I hope this video helps you to feel a bit more comfortable in asking.