Let’s crack it guys welcome back to mom blub a bitch does yeah well last time we held at the full moon yeah and yeah the girls were watching us flirt and get it on with a name they were not too happy about that so let’s just go on here and see if we’re gonna be naina again ever anything.

I’m hoping nothing happened to her oh yeah that’s right basically her family keeps her.

Locked away which is kind of worrying it sounds like her household is really straight yeah she got caught then what what happened to her that is a good question like how strict.

Are they I want to know what their house is I want to go visit Miami seems to look relieved though well that’s just not you me for you fucking today yo chill make it to be setting it up yeah I know you would like that I think we’re going to have it greeted Matt she is so evil sometimes oh but she was kind of fun she wants that booty man this girl.

She’s just like a new target acquired its fans you don’t care but don’t you remember the bucket of water and Momoko yeah I know I thought you hated that I thought you it would have been more mad about that Oh forgiveness is a virtue sir wow she’s really can’t free Pauly’s shed um it’s something I learned years ago when you completely fail to notice my fit okay oh oh man that was sick God ceases be gentle kenapa Oh God I guess that’s the sort of person she is ouch.

B doesn’t want to hear it there yeah she’s no fun to have around oh man Emma stirs misunderstanding has had a far reaching consequences I can only hope that a you mean will one day forgive her nothing well I don’t know swim maybe get ice cream o our grand battle from yesterday did not have a decisive victory no what what battle we.

We must move on to our next phase of our war okay girl right which will be I think I know what they’re talking about but I best not say so go oh it’s the peel of fuck shit yeah that would be really uh cryptic so yeah it’s not – you.

Two girls go at it um if they.

Knew that I knew about the pillow fight mocha seems fired up about something though oh well she’s always fired up it’s time for volleyball Oh volleyball oh I like some good volleyball if you guys ever watched like the women’s volleyball things that I was good yes that’s exactly how it it’s totally so it’s great it’s guys just like women’s tennis we didn’t get a chance to play last time we were here and whose fault is that I would seize all right girl lay.

Off people are allowed to forget things are you me um I don’t think that’s really fair it doesn’t really matter yeah come on understand come on I don’t think that’s liver come on a guy you mean shape up I think that’s really fair I mean you promised to do.

Something then now she’s not matter it’s not even listening all right.

Whatever well after all you always practiced a selective memory when you try and act mature.

Oh Oh what do you mean remember how you panicked at one time and stuffed all the cuddly toys into the cupboard Oh what she doesn’t want people.

To know she likes of animals you were so worried that she might have thought you was being immature really these days oh god she might turn into a yandere oh man I will bring reeling – oh man try your best oh this girl is some fizz I am the master of sports she’s not wrong go no matter what Momoko does.

She’s unrivaled as a sportsman to.

Face her and volleyball and I can’t say that I’d survive such a big cheese this is volleyball have a look flood so are you ready suji ah ready for what volleyball yeah what else would it be man that’s what she suggested I want you to show me that amazing technique you have people I’ll show you all.

My amazing techniques I’m sorry Oh which one the one where you catch it with your face of course of course thank you thanks for the vote of confidence that’s not a technique that’s you see being excessively violent oh man she got your head to the side give me a confused look oh she’s so evil what are you talking about chill yeah that’s never my intention to bring.

Harm to my adorable said she bullshit fuck about shit I I know that it isn’t.

I think she likes Disney those oh but my face can only endure so much punishment I know he gets beat up at the face a crap-ton of this game well nothing we’re wasting time we have to play now Oh guys of course are you going to play it with uneven teams or something yeah well I pretty sure it’s probably gonna be all of us against her well of course.

We I think we go um see Jamie versus yeah shit is bad that sounds like the perfect arrangement to me oh man she’s some face it’s not fair I wanted you to be on my team well maybe if we could say gene have oh god.

Oh god who gets which have oh god that is implausible no matter which way you look at it I know hmm what the stage you want to do Oh am i oh is this.

Gonna be our actual first actual choice in the game.

Uh what do I want to do I’ll just watch the game you fucking heavy full of played well played.

You taking play against each other Oh son of a bitch stage yeah I thought you were actually gonna choose a wiper there wait is great news for me prepare to be dazzled by amazing skill simply oh no just gonna pour a you me don’t take me lightly mama ko you may be the queen.

Nearly your equal nearly it stresses the mid oh man so it’s gonna be clear who the winner is with.

Seiji on the sidelines he could be the referee.

Somehow I hate the feeling that I’m not going to emergent skate from this match your booty’s at stake here and if I’m not participating I will deliver dejected force from.

The heavens why is she always about this divine punishment man this will be revenge for all the villainous behavior Mimico o glorious glorious volleyball of the.

Universe it’s great oh the jiggle physics if only there was a jiggle button here I will put the jiggle in that good it’s almost the same oh man mom ago I’m surprised that thick it’s just not blowing up man.

That thing will just give out and just fucking fall apart at any moment trying to hold those sons of bitches back let’s get a volleyball match going here Oh God just a little bit but the.

Bomb delivering a serious opening attack it.

Plummets toward the earth like a meteor Jesus yeah go use me fancy yeah you mean knocks the back with just as much force oh damn I’m surprised that the volleyball hasn’t been smashed into tiny pieces for the show especially given how forceful.

They’re our two pillows guys these these girls must be tightened okay um I feel like I’m watching two superhumans both of them are so fast.

And so strong and make it throw an object as soft as a pillow with such brutality thank.

You oh my god Thank You game holy shit then what would an object is hard as a volleyball tuna with heat oh man that would be destruction it’s a volleyball though I like the yellow and pink either way I’m glad that I’m not cut up in the middle of this.

Conflict only bad things could possibly come from it even though it’s only two of them play well yeah they both move fast enough that might as well be entire teams playing against each other every time oh bugger gems oh yes it’s almost hypnotized yeah the bouncing.

Oh man damn it I’m staring at Oh.

Dodo man don’t worry about it well you’re passionate enough to get.

My blood boil damn it you want me to just this song I’ll get to do that was that watching this difference between looking and what what okay she’d have.

Flex the volleyball again this time with a lot more force just when I think she’ll just definitely score mama ko manages to knock it back the bumps moving so fast that lifts up to the air ridiculous all I see is a Berber shadow hood front of me holy.

God she breaks her head down at the ball is.

It go for me she misses the center completely.

Kazi Devere of course really as it rebounds off the ground time seems to slow down as he realizes he’s already died sighs agent good goodbye I see the body butter crunchy but sketchy now it’s good straight for my head and yet I already know that I cannot react in time in this moment I do I fucked up I remember the words of the rubbed philosopher Marcus Aurelius oh really accepted the things to which fate binds you and.

Love the people with whom fate brings you together but do so with all y’all if you have enough time to read poetry you have enough time to fuck again like so I accept this fate and as the ball delivers its full voice into my face I begin to wonder if Marcus ever got here with the in the face of the.

Volleyball Oh dad this is down after volleyball there is no clear whether it’s like really just gets smacked the doodles in the face all right whatever game I think that’s good place to guard here we got some.

Good bouncy Bob Lee titties that’s how you need a life bill lovin some fun baby well I hope you guys enjoyed this video here little lad.

Could be dead and I’ll to see you beautiful sons of guns again next time crazy.