All right so let’s do one more dice but this time you have the five-second count you guys pretend to go on questions okay we will Dyke now okay but you will pretend you don’t question when the five shut down oh you just go yeah and we pretend to you and while you pretend you can actually hold your breath.

Yeah you can try to do one minute here there probably is that’s because you’re standing up I’ll go up in the heart rate it’s like we’re excited okay oh very good but you can track you can try to really hold your ground oh sorry where you are when I when.

He is go down in the water I asked him I have to in the water right yeah okay all this communication you can do in.

The water in the water yeah because then you can keep you boys for as oh oh if we’re on top of the buoy talking talking talking that the heart rate is high when he go down I’m always in the top can just look at me it’s necessary but most of the time.

Oh yeah if you’re really good if you know you can hold your breath longer than him please go with him the whole day oh yeah but that’s not the case right so if you you want to be ready to save him when he needs to be saved so you have to think about that okay yeah let’s put.

The mask on snorkeling so we can three breakfast yes like us and it’s the easiest tour to adjust one of the things because they you know especially have tied to one snorkel bring it as close to the.

I’m worried about your glasses Bueller it’s okay technically to snorkel off the menu today oh yeah pulling your money okay take a snorkel oh yeah tops together yep yeah that’s it.

Just make sure the mouse take on the world okay very good.

If someone has a blackout three or five seconds ten seconds is a long time yes very short yeah will not go down like these cookies so dogs okay there are different salts about them when you do your finish.

Scuba diving course it’s actually the requirements to dive down which is complet swim 50 meters and to clear the smaller pool without lifting the face underwater so you learn to control your airway and it’s a pretty hard exercise and I like to teach the people to free divers so in the beginning I tell them to keep the snorkel in but all the free diving organizations will know you all know snorkeling and diamond-like because it give us yeah because it’s if you black out your jaws my clock and it might.

Be hard to get out no still because I got so many non-swimmers I first wanted to learn to clear your snorkel property now when they can do that so they can choose to take it out of the pool but it makes it extra hard that.

Is normally no so like teach yourself how to use a snorkel properly so it’s good to keep it in for every day okay and then when you say like okay now I can perfectly control it’s normal I can empty it whenever I want and it’s always clear then you can choose other you can choose to take it out but if I put in there is some water yeah.

So then you learn that the lock is here and not your lips your lips don’t stop the water from.

Going into your lungs your throat up you.

Can keep the snorkeling and enough keep it this new yeah oenomaus yeah yeah really yeah it can also be handy if you have to go to a search on many big waves yeah then the big first big wave comes you just one go under that man it’s normal second wave yeah it’s very fast if every time you want to take a strong you.