What’s up people man into here from the black helping you to create emotional and physical well-being here with here for the video about the six types of unhealthy father/daughter relationships now I don’t use I haven’t done anything much about the whole father you know I’m a healthy father relationships but I need you that to be fair I can’t.

Just keep doing stuff I’m like you know toxic mom’s jealous moms and then.

When you know there are people who don’t have that they there are people daughters and sometimes you have great mothers you have should be fathers I want to speak to you them because I don’t want you a lien a anybody but you can’t see in.

Here or I’ll try that you can see it I write.

Down I got it from a video that and the link for that is in the description below the handwriting’s crap p. if you can see it yeah I’m gonna read it off to you so anyways but also gonna story about this I can someone relate to this you know from past so the six types of unhealthy father.

Father/daughter relationships there’s a loss father where he’s just like emotionally unavailable physically there but it’s mentally does not and seems to be it seems to be a father that doesn’t really acknowledge you what you do they’re just rat throwing shit and then the core thing about the thing with parents and stuff is that they’re all wrapped up in their own fucking world that they can’t really see how they.

Are having an adverse impact on you blast my job become his life coach to help you to heal and all.

That there’s the abusive father that one speaks for itself verbal abusive physically abusive you know I once a girlfriend whose father was abusive and she came to pieces household and then other stuff then shit’s not cool man father’s dodging.

The father’s you know a pamper father this is one where men if.

Your guy watching this be careful because the pampered father debates mistake.

Of wanting to be a friend and treat her right and what happens is you raise some spoiled and expects it expects things to go her way and use her behavior to manipulator daddy what she wants therefore when she gets relationship with other men she bit she respects them too too you know cater her and they don’t I causes conflicts an unhealthy relationship because.

Gives you I don’t know unrealistic expectations of how the world works and to make me think that like you know it’s all about you and so about you.

You you you you you you and to not you know consider the.

Person the picture number for toxic father codepen relationship basically nutshell this fathers want to make that that creates that it creates a reality where you rely on him for everything and you can’t get away for life this is really sick.

Parents do that shit and it’s just it’s kind of cool so there’s room father which is the kind of the opposite of the toxic father you know.

The toxic father want you throwing him the room father it’s also codependent there’s also the.

Codependent but he create situations.

Where he depends on you for survival and always needs a caretaker and that I think is hard to say no to because in that situation the father.