Hello yes I always wear the same clothes every day same hairstyle same headset same same pajamas same t-shirt this is me on the daily without further ado terrible expression let’s use it more we’ll get right back into it because it’s very fresh in my memory what I did last time somehow mysteriously mm-hmm it was so long ago so.

Ah let’s go let’s get this done let’s get this working and let’s see how much of our time will be spent learning today okay so this works and what I’m gonna do now is when we click a.

Button safe game board what I need to do is have an array how do you even declare arrays in C sharp array let’s figure it out Microsoft dogs either let’s go tutorials point yep I just know how to declare it double so I need a string array new oh yeah I’m okay with that but I’m gonna make it.

Called string string or a board new string and we want we don’t want ten you want like eight wait we want nine what am I talking about board it’s called board.

First thing we’re gonna do is find positions I’m gonna call him here find pause with the name and it’s gonna be an int and I equals find pause I’m doing it right now so public I don’t have to be public it can be in fine cause it takes a nun ends what this does is no it takes in a string what am I saying since my what don’t you like really cannot attend that really.

Really it’s that sick then you have you know okay what I’m gonna do have to return no return position.

Oh geesh man we turn ye oh come on that’s everything have something holy hell and a okay return a I should.

Have they always say I have like a variable names that mean something through that return the index.

This is what I’m returning I’m really returning the index for my future board in turn okay so this is my huge if statement this is terrible don’t do this at home design your code better than I did if X is equals to TL top left and lift boy was its else if also gonna be so ugly can’t.

Do a switch case is the switch case gonna be easier case I’m gonna do that how do you do a switch case in the C.

C sharp switch switch yes I need a default that is so true I’m gonna copy this Beach you know programming is all about.

Copy pasting it’s not but you know X case TL then I will want to break because it’s not gonna be anything else then index equals zero okay this is gonna be a way faster and M my.

Default is going to be debug log something bad happened check code girl okay top left and we’re gonna be a little bit more of a copypasta here we have one two.

Three four five six seven eight nine positions top left top middle top right middle left.

Middle middle little right bottom left bottom middle bottom right I hope this is how I called them it’s just validate because I’m where the is my thing yep yeah you have errors of PostScript that’s cool index equals zero equals one two three equals four Hey okay.

Return Index what why is this confounding break statement missing return index may not be initialized before accessing equals null can you do nulls and yeah okay all right is you don’t work your equal $9.99 then sheesh fine pause and I’m gonna I know I do a.

Lot of debugging but this is.