The slimline twin dry product dispenser from server products is perfect for frozen dessert shops that want to dispense measured portions of toppings and candies each of the side by side hoppers has a clear bpa-free copolyester container with a 2 litre capacity when it’s time to refill the containers each lid easily lifts off to portion toppings and control costs.

Poor color-coded trays are included for each.

Hopper allowing operators to set the exact amount of product dispensed each time the handle is pulled a white tray dispenses 1/2 ounce servings a blue tray dispenses 3/4 ounce servings a green tray dispenses 1 ounce servings and a peak tray dispenses one and a half ounce servings the natural motion of the pull down lever.

Makes this unit ad a compliant for more information or to order yours today please call one.

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