Guys welcome to the tjz tech show in this video we’re gonna be going over the best emulator for Mac so whether that’s PlayStation 1 PlayStation Portable aka PSP Game Boy Advance they’re pretty much any Nintendo Sega or even Atari games that you want to play this app over here is gonna cover it and this app is open emu.

So just go ahead and go to link number one in the description this is gonna be a.

Right now for what I could see it’s only for Mac so just go ahead.

It’s gonna download at 36 Mexican see here in the corner once it’s done just click on it and then it should automatically open up the folder for you and then all its gonna do is give you this open EMU app so just go ahead and drag it to wherever you want I’m.

Gonna drag it to the desktop and from here all I have to do is double click it and then on this page click open if for some reason I know on the newest versions of Mac like Sierra and above they sometimes give you issues with opening.

Apps so if you ever do encounter that all I have to do is just right click on it or use two fingers to click and then just click open and then you’ll get this dialog which will allow you to open it so once you open it and this is pretty much what it’s going to look like so on the side.

Here you can see a list of all the different consoles that it supports again you got from Atari down to all the different types of Game Boys.

Television and then a whole bunch of other Nintendo systems we also have Sega and you have Sony PSP PlayStation 1 and etc it’s really awesome app and it.

Works very very well so the first thing you’re gonna want to do is decide.

Which console you want to play pretty much and then from there we’re gonna have to download roms so to.

Do that one of the best sites that I like is gonna.

In the description and that’s emu paradise you can also just google search like GBA roms or PSP roms you can find them pretty much anywhere on the.

Internet so for the sake of this video I’m gonna be doing GBA roms or Gameboy advanced and I’m just gonna be downloading the most popular game here which is Pokemon emerald so just click on that and then you can go.

To quick navigation down to the download link and.

From here we’re gonna see this is the game title and this you hear stands for United States because it’s the US version of this ROM and then trashman would be the uploader and it’s only 6.7 Meg’s so it’s not too bad just go ahead click that and then the site’s gonna make you click somewhere else again scroll down a little bit and right here and then this is also gonna download a zip file some once it’s done.

Just click on it and then what you could do is either drag it into a folder that you want to permanently keep it in or if you open up open EMU and then you search for the console which this is Nintendo Game Boy Advance for some reason even better it automatically recognized there.

Have to do is just click and drag it into the source over here and then it will show up and then it also downloads the thumbnail for you so it’s really nice but before you play it you might want to familiarize yourself with the controls so to do that just go up to the corner here go into open EMU and then go down to preferences and then here you can change your game library as well as deleting some councils that you don’t.

Want to use or play just to free up some room and then there’s a lot of different settings that you can mess with but for the sake.

Of this video I’ll let you guys go over that there’s not really too.

Much that you need to change but for this we’re gonna go to controller / controls and then what you do is just click.

On the system that you want to change so we’re gonna go to Game Boy Advance and from here you can change the key mapping and the best thing about it is you can even just click on a key and then that will automatically highlight it for you so for example up it’s defaulted to the up.

Wanted to change it to any other character such as G for example you just push the button when it’s highlighted and then it will change.

It for you so that’s really nice it’s really intuitive and very easy to use once you have it all.

Set up all I have to do just click X and then from there just double-click on the game and apparently it’s picking up the last save that I did when I went and tested this app so I’m just gonna click no.

To give it a fresh start and then there you go from here you can also pause the game or essentially freeze it and then you can.

Also save a whole bunch of different game States and then finally in the corner this is how you’ll end the game return this counsel off so as you can see right here it’s really smooth the graphics are really nice you can even fullscreen it if you want – although it does get a little pixelated obviously because it’s only meant.

For a small screen but as far as any emulator out here this is probably the best one that I’ve.

Ever used it’s very intuitive and just changing the controls around is very easy as well and I haven’t had any performance issues at all I’m not sure if the screen capture is going to pick up the framerate very well but the frame rate is very nice and smooth and the best part about it again is that it’s just plug and play all I have to do is just download the rom and pretty much click and drag.

It into the app and then you’re good to go and that about wraps it up also if you go onto their website and if you do really like.

The app and you want to go ahead and feel free to donate to the developers because obviously this is a free app and they put a lot of time into.

It so guys thanks very much for watching feel free to put any comments or suggestions or any problems that you had in the comments section.

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