The main inspiration is my astrological sign which is specious we will have this vicious woman which is very creative sensitive very feminine very sexy and the aquatic world without the the waves and everything that is connected with the sea with the fish it’s a very complete collection you will have life from swimming suits and all beach wear to.

This elegant collection for cocktail for dinner party also for an executive woman the fatima loves woman is a.

Very feminine and strong woman at the same time I try to work something very simple but strong so almost nude even the lips but I put strong eyeliner inside eyes and a lot of mascaras I’m really excited to seeing a lot of bold prints some beautiful colors I don’t know she’s from Portugal so I’m really excited to see the collection it should be really good I’m.

Pretty excited about Fatima Lopez because how she mentions that she’s really inspired by her astrological sign and is supposed to be.

A sensual and feminine collection and I really believe in astrology and I’m excited to see what they’re creating I got a chance to see backstage what they’re doing with hair with the fishtail so it should be a good show I’m really hoping for a Portuguese kind of inspired look so yeah I’m really excited to see several pieces like.

Really interesting like the finally there sir that just like that is – it was really elegance so many sheets I’m program system question which I stay off every I like the collection very much I thought it was very flowing and beautiful I thought that the bathing suits particularly were fabulous so we’re wearing Fatima watch.
And we’re feeling amazing we love this collection it’s super fresh elegant.

Sexy it’s a dress and it’s supposed to remind you a men’s blazer the theme for this collection was actually Pisces or fish so we have things here that mimic the waves we have a lot of blue a lot of Y to mimic the foam of the ocean so I think it was very.

Smart from Fatima loves to actually think of that according to the inspiration after collection that is fishes so it’s like fish tail is fairly good you.