Hi everyone I’m here today with a fall favorites foam must-haves video I think I maybe did one of these last year I remember when I first started my channel I did you know all of the season favorites fall is by far my favorite favorite time of the year I love the weather changing I love the leaves changing I.
Just I love the going to the pumpkin patch corn mazes I.

Just I love it I love the haunted.

Corn mazes I’m not like big into like.

The Halloween and Halloween like makeup and that.

Stuff so I kind of do it out Halloween but I do love the haunted like corn mazes the haunted house is that stuff is so fun for me so anyways I love fall and I thought I would share.

With you guys some favorites for fall or full must have quite a few here from some accessory items clothing items eyeshadows fragrances foundations lips nails skincare like we got a lot going on here so the first don’t mind my hands I tried a new tanner out and I literally didn’t even leave it on that long but it made my hands.

Like 50 shades of orange a brown so just pretend to like mine hands aren’t opal loompa orange while I show you these products but we’re gonna start with a skincare product now you guys if you have watched my empties videos you know that I love sheet masks this girl loves to mask I love it and foreo just came out with a new little device.

Called the UFO which you guys have probably saw quite a few months ago I posted about it on Instagram and instagrams stories so they came out with this.

Little device here it’s called the UFO doo-doo-doo and it’s so cool I am a sucker for gadgets.

If you know me in my personal life you know that like I always want to have the newest gadgets technology like I just geeked out over that stuff so.

To partner with them I was like yes skincare love it’s a favorite and technology gadgets love also another favorite so this is what it looks like I have the pink ones it’s like a smart device for masking now.

If you’ve done sheet masks in the past you know that you’re supposed to leave them on for you know about 20 minutes and the mask sometimes slides all over your face and it’s like what do you do just.

Stay still like a little mummy for 20 minutes because I know that I have a lot of trouble when I do my sheet mess I basically have to like lay in bed and not move because it will start to slide off my face it kind of goes everywhere but I just love sheet masks so you.

Purchased the UFO it comes with like a little stand to put it on you do get a little charging port you’re gonna download the app on your phone which I it does come with one mask this one is to make my day with hyaluronic acid and red algae but then you buy the packets of where did they go here they are.
Then you buy the packets and masks the two that they have.

Out right now which they will be coming out with more this is the four yo make my day which is you get one.

Of these when you buy the four yo and you can get this at Sephora by the way and then they have color tonight which is the nighttime one and it’s revitalizing and nourishing with ginseng and olive oil so each one comes with seven masks in it put up the app and you can take out the little pat and it.