Hi Louise welcome back to another reveal its thoroughly so today I have this nail polish organizer to share with you guys and it’s like solid beachy concepts now it is a portable image of small nail polish organizer with fortieth compartments yes that is correct it holds 48 of your nail polishes or polishes it does have a handle so.

If you guys can see that with my background but you do.

Have a handle so it’s nice carrying case and how do you open it so there.

Is a flap right here you open that up and these are actually for your nail files you kids accomplishes your cuticle nippers so it opens fistly hold it up like this because it’s very difficult to get in frame with this it’s huge.

And then you open it this way so it comes with pink post hoc reasoning and this little.

Pamphlet every duty plastic construction holds up to 40 bottles secure double clasp lid resizable accessory compartments which is what I just showed you guys designed by beauty.

Professional so this is the seller on Amazon that contacted me human friendly and I would link their Amazon information in my description box below so what I’m going to do now is I’m just going to take out some gel polishes of different brands and we going to see what fits and what the smell bit okay so I have a different brand of gel polishes here each bottle is different you need two similar bottles I have the say you and the wave gel.

But everybody else is different I’m just gonna run through them really quickly and it’s not very easy to Oh Barney which is awesome.

Because it’s not gonna slip over on and on your polishes accidentally fall out it could happen so first we have this one and.

It does fit the only one that I’m.

Skeptical about to be honest with you guys is the melody Suzy why cuz the Bach is kind of different okay it fit it actually fits each one even the melody Suzy one which one I was really concerned about this one because a fish shape of the water but.

It fits nicely so I am going to be using this container strictly for my madam Rajjo polishes so I am going to go ahead and do that is so while packing my gel polishes I realized that they do say that it holds 40 each which it’s supposed to hold 24 on each side right but then this portion here is supposed to be the adjustable portion for your.

Files and what not to look at but this portion can also be used to section off each compartment to hold your gel polishes or your nail poses as well it’s included in the 24 on each side if you.

Use here for your nail files and your triples and whatnot you’re going to take away from the amount of gel polishes on your purchase that you can hold on one side so bare mind you will only be able to hold 21 something to keep in mind.

I just realized that while I was packing but yeah I have a once I completed with all my madam wrap and I love to arrange my polishes by color however they always get mixed up when I’m working but it’s easier for my clients to like see it when it’s upright like this it’s not cute and I love the fact that it’s transparent on the other side however we have this sticker and I do not like when stickers.

Are stuck on plastic because sometimes is very hard to get it up without creating a sticky mess while removing it so any ideas because it doesn’t make sense because you’re not gonna see what’s behind this thicker I’m raising to hear suggestions from you guys as to how to get rid of this but other than that I am really liking this case like it is so huge it.

Makes me feel like I have a lot of job all this way but finally I can organize it so if you guys are interested in purchasing this items I’ve need to.

Go ahead and check on my description box below I also have a 10% of coupon codes for those of you who are interested in purchasing and you want to save yourself some extra cash so check out the link in my description.

Box below I must say the material is very sturdy and it’s secured in there like this case is perfect for.

Somebody with a large collection or somebody that’s now starting up and it does retail on Amazon for 1995 plus you gave out an additional.

10% off so you’re saving evo e if you want one definitely check out my description box below trust me when I say you will not regret it if you enjoy my reviews don’t forget to give it a big.

Thumbs up so I don’t know and I’ll keep from coming and share this particular video with somebody that one’s a lot of polishes as always I’d love you guys keep safe and I’ll see you soon.