Do that kind of radish story short I’m in college season right now so I won’t be making a bit much videos as much but I will try my best to at least upload one video per week or something like that around November yada yada yada you know that’s the old schedule stuff I’m gonna me explain my schedules and.

Stuff like that also I want to just show you guys why I’m making a video right now as you see I’m playing maplestory – long story short I’ll have an.

Analysis video on this on this beautiful game I’ve been playing this game a lot I have a lot of hours in it right now since its dropped around please four to the fifth it’s a pretty good game I’ll explain why is it pretty good for you to play if you didn’t know free-to-play MMO but I just have to show you guys my outfit so in maplestory 2 you’re allowed to upload images you know that or at least that goes by the guideline of maplestory 2.

So no you can’t be uploading no big nigga dicks you can’t.

Be uploading no big titties on your t-shirt you know you can’t be you can you know you.

Try to be not childish when you upload your stuff but I just have to show you my alpha real quick I know this is a random video but I.

Just gotta show you the Alpha real quick so let’s go in and I’m gonna show you what I got on so let me show you what.

If you if you want to add me on maplestory to just look up kid air or look up air to underscore on Steam at me I got a whole bunch of people I’m playing with right now I want to do that event but imma hold off on that rope wait that’s.

One of the main reasons why I like maplestory 2 you get these random events that you can just play.

Whole bunch of people and then you can see these pretty cool coins but that’s not why we’re.

Here I’m getting off track so we looking at the fit right now so what I did is I took the maplestory 2 Jersey default basically you can they give you shirts pants choose let me.

Show you real quick actually what they actually offer in terms of design see you can upload your own design I’m gonna buy some of these stuff like I like they’re out of the clock and stuff like that but you can you can.

Get a suit atop a bottom of cape of gloves to shoes and they’re pretty cool like you they’re pretty awesome but that’s not why we’re here I’m explain that.

In the analysis video why you should play maplestory 2 and why it’s running the best in the most right now so the fit right now as you see is a standard maplestory 2.

Jersey basically it’s the little design that they give you and what I did is I took about 20 to 25 minutes just finding the right type of picture I want it just like this this edgy look so what I went for is the.

Parental advisory stickers I can’t get as close as I want to but like it’s kind of you see I’ve got the Jordan one bread so we’re gonna talk about that later but as you see I got the parental advisory stickers on if I.

Can get my character page up real quick so what I did is I took about 20-25 minutes just applying individuals pictures if I can take off my staff and.

Take off the backpack get the toast out of my mouth okay so we’re gonna do a little bit of analysis so what I did was I put on a whole bunch of print ovary stickers on the front I kind of like took some of the lining from the original.

And I kind of spread it out a little bit I took a little bit of detail from the template and I just spaced out each of my.

Individually again so I could fit each sticker as you see they’re pretty well I so.

Maybe about I don’t know 40 of these so far and I only made it like.

A couple of hours ago so I’m getting my bread up people are liking.

This um see people people are liking this fit I might be a maplestory designer who knows it might be my career but I’m.

Just saying look at this shorts though I’ve got the print over ëismí shorts if you look at the back if I take this creep off.

Like I spent a lot of time with this guy’s I just I really liked his outfit that I made I made a whole bunch of other pieces but this is definitely my favorite as you see I kind of mesh the the jersey together so it had like this.

Little zipper thing in the back I also did it with the back pockets as well as you see it has like a little has one back pocket basically it’s this t-shirt template on the.

Shorts and the jersey but what I did is I kind of made this shorts the.

Jersey into this short shape the so the the Jersey took about 20 minutes in the shorts took about.

30 minutes so about an hour overall designing this outfit so I kind of enjoy just like making these maplestory outfits I really enjoy maplestory giving.

You this ability to be as creative as possible and earn a little money from it you could sell your outfits but they’re selling out pretty quickly and I’m stacking up my little blue I forgot what they’re called like the blue mirrors I’m stacking up my mirrors real quick so I just spent a lot of my marriage.

A couple more hats and stuff like that so look forward to that if you’re interested.

In bias on my pieces just look up kid ere on just look up kid err in a design shop people start to find the term as individual sellers definitely.

Support everybody guys that these designs are really cool I’ll like this Otis a nice hat actually that’s a sick hat okay that’s probably.
Terms of Service I don’t know that’s kind of pushing it.

I definitely want to oh oh shoot this is what my favorite is I understood wait no where’s he no no that’s not him is it yeah nature parade is like one of.

My favorite designers of maplestory definitely like one of the best designers out right now I say myself is pretty good well but Ninja Pride Parade is a really good designer when it comes to to making authentic pieces that’s the one thing else all I can enjoy about maplestory is that you can design these pieces anyway you really wants you you could have like I don’t know how to get with the trademarks and stuff like.

That but I guess you can just get it away with it this is a free.

Picture now this backpack is freakin crazy I might actually have to drop a couple like a couple um I’m I have to.

Drop like off like a couple couple bands on this man like this is kind of hard even though it’s like.

Three hours I said a couple bands this is kind of hard I like that I might just spend the rest of the frickin video just going over freaking outfits do these outfits are so freakin good oh my god dude I oh holy this.

Is my ninja twos I’m pretty sure yeah ninja.

Parade I love this outfit that is a clean hoodie can we.

Not have this hat on please it’s really disturbing that is a clean hoodie yo that’s clay my guy that is a really clean hoodie that kind of fresh Wow okay that’s that’s kind of I’m gonna look up some morning my man what else he got for me you got the Oh see that’s the Kakashi I’ll knock it back go back I’m not going to spend too much time I’m not gonna spend a lot of.

Time on just going over alphas back oh I didn’t need holy Sh yo that’s kind of fresh Shawn dude that’s kind of fresh.

Yo that’s hard look at this heap he makes the tea with the with the G oh my god that’s the hardest shirt I that’s harder than my shirt.

No put it with this put it with my shorts and put what shoes do what shoe shut up put on holy no you got to turn these.

Turn it was a prop Oh yo that’s kind of nice kind of trashed the Vegeta shoes got the 350s off oh that’s kind of hard I got the easies got the Chelsea boots well.

I’m gonna spend more time designing some of my outfits just look for for a video in.

The next coming weeks about my analysis of maplestory and hopefully.

We could start uploading at least once per week I really want to get back into the motion now that I figured out my college schedule but yeah guys as you see I’m having a lot of fun I’m just fine I’m sorry I haven’t uploaded in almost a month and a half but you know I just had to take a break anyway you know if.

I’m passion again so yes so thank you guys.

Still watching probably knows thank you guys for sticking me with support if you know that I’m still active on social media you can follow my tumblr we are now at I think 35 thousand followers on.

Tumblr so I’m not completely gone from the internet protocol world so if you want to keep up with me if you want to see some of my memes go follow me on there and yeah guys I definitely want.

To upload some more content.