Did senator Cory hooker aka Spartacus aka jazz hands me aka t-bones best pal attempt to rape a gay man well that is what that is what somebody is alleging on Twitter it seems that earlier today there was a Twitter account named deep throat ironically enough which you know somebody claiming to be a a leftist gay man who told.

The story of the time that Cory Booker attempted.

To force him to give him oral sex now I’m not gonna go through the whole story here it’s it’s it’s a fairly long.

Story I’ll give you just the the highlights but essentially the like I said this was written by a somebody claiming to get be a gay Democrat liberal man who is actually a very big Cory Booker fan at one point now apparently the story goes that this gay man met up with Cory Booker at a.

Event somewhere I’m not sure exactly where I don’t have the report right in front of me but he he met up with Cory Booker and and complimented and told him how much he admired him well apparently Cory Booker and the man met later in the bathroom completely accidentally the the the gay man was there to do his business and Cory Booker apparently had other things on his mind well this.

Man alleges that Cory Booker basically cornered him in a stall began rubbing his crotch began rubbing up against him and eventually tried to.

An attempt to get to make him perform oral sex on Booker now the the gay man shoved his his way past Cory Booker broke off very violently he says told him he had to be.

Somewhere else didn’t see him again the rest of that night well apparently after the whole Cavanaugh debacle and seeing how Cory Booker stood up for victims of sexual assault now regardless of whether or not this this man’s story is actually true we do know that Cory Booker by his own admission groped a drunk female class in college so.

The fact that Cory Booker has tried to position himself as some defender of sexual assault victims is.

Is laughable but apparently this man was was so incensed by Cory Booker’s treatment of Brett Kavanaugh that he decided to try and come forward with his story now he mentions he contacted a couple.

Of journalists including Ronan Farrow who apparently blew him off he also contacted Republican a Republican lawyer as well who he told his story to and and apparently has given him full support now like.

I said we don’t know if this is true or not cory booker has not responded to these allegations nobody nobody involved in the story has responded to the allegations that this that this man has come forward with really it’s it’s totally anonymous nobody who knows who he is.

So like I said you know I’m put I’ll go ahead and put the link to the to the tweet in in the description of this video so you can.

Read through it and judge for yourself whether or not it’s true personally I don’t know it’s it’s it’s it sounds to me like it may.

Be somebody whose larping it may be it may be just somebody who’s who’s posting a story trying to get a rise out of somebody I would love it if it was true because Cory Booker attempting to rape somebody after you know again like I said trying to hypocritically position himself as a defender of sexual assault victims that would just be oh that would.