I’m industry and today we are hanging out with a girl you’ve probably been on her blog but I bet you didn’t know and she has another talents which is music and but this a morning super excited to have the one and only cash kya live in studio with us good morning how you doing I’m good I love your.

Hair thank you it’s good thank you it’s so it’s so cool this is.

What rock is like weird way okay for looks for looks like stuff yeah oh yeah so there’s no like legit dreads.

Yeah and if she tells you looking good it’s it actually has a lot of value because um she is an award nominated blogger yeah so you were nominated it’s a two years back.

For the big the big awards the one you’re blogging yeah so my friend said calling me like we’ve seen you on the nomination listen was like it was crazy yeah in fact I had an exam that day I flopped cuz I couldn’t read I don’t focus completely yeah let’s start from the very beginning um so before the blogging before the travel fashion.
BT yeah no game before you know the words before the music well.

What were you passionate about what were you was this always a plan yeah or did it just kind of happen yeah I’ve always been an avid love of music mm-hmm it started the music bug kind of beat me when I was really young like three you need you need three unit yeah okay so shout out to my puny teacher like we had this event when you graduate from.

Unit to next class one that’s ceremony yeah she’s like let the loudest be there the lead again back then we had like one microphone Nick just put in the middle and you had to like project you yes yes a whole school I will I.

Was leading like the whole school and people just to give me an applause and I was like I love this and Wow.

I loved that hair G and I was like this is what I want to do okay so then you go to primary school.

And then everywhere I went to Agra car engine for like class for until class when I was in a group I was in a dance group yeah dance group and we used to perform every.

Every every day during break time yeah and then fast-forward event to another primary school called silver gate Academy okay I joined a band and we were called a rockers so in boarding school you used to perform every single Sunday hours our name you had to be in there into the rock as yeah the.

Rockers and then fast-forward to high school I formed a band a rock band like it was 2010 when Rock was like at its peak yeah.

So like rock musique was everything so we called ourselves with our that’s our yeah yeah the towels and used to have a stage writing songs in isolation songs in.

Classics so in high school I had a said no writing rocks yeah and I’ll perform we will have people at night outside our dorms st. G a shout out so we will have people come see us performing so if you yo if you is mean high school infirmary yeah we’ll do music because you were you’ve been in like when if I fast forward to uni.

I sort of don’t lead my music okay the key elements you need to study well yeah I did by taking have done with.

It imagine ology okay exactly yeah how did biotech then like sneak in I was very good I really Biron chemistry and anything for burnt in chemistry and a connection between fashion blogging and.