Bizzy she’s family she’s getting ready to take on the late-night TV circuit and her guest list is already packed with a lot a list oh yes very exciting and she’s getting a little emotional about it but all it takes to calm her down is a baby I held this little sleeping baby for like three minutes and all of.

A sudden my soul was calm I was like I can go on with the rest of my life his mother of two Busy Philipps giving us hints about adding to her family I don’t have baby fever I don’t.

Think it’d wrap my brain around being pregnant again I mean I’m a little bit friendly with Jessica Simpson and when I saw she was pregnant again I was like oh my god girl are you getting ready it’s literally like the pregnancy is so hard I don’t want to do any work to get the baby is what I’m saying please don’t send me your baby please unless you really need.

To and then I’ll take it besides she has a different kind of baby her new show busy tonight premieres this Sunday at 10 p. on E we wanted to just provide like a safe fun happy plays like where we can chat about things we can have.

A margarita if we want yeah will like nothing is off-limits oh my god sing her set for the very first time was super emotional cue the waterworks I’m a control freak and I’m a very hands-on person and so you know because this is my show I’ve been involved in everything.

My guests for the first test show today is Tina Fey Tina is also an executive producer on the show which already.

Has an all-star guest lineup including Mindy Kaling Kristen Bell Vanessa Hudgens Kim Kardashian John Stamos and Julia.

Roberts we have so many amazing people booked.

Already that it’s like and it seems unfair to when people are like who’s your dream guest I’m like they’re all my baby is I love them all so much hey there thanks for watching don’t forget to hit that big old red subscribe button below for more great enews.

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