How to get more of what you want whether we are talking about having a new amazing relationship or whether we are talking about achieving a new level of health in your life and fitness being so energetic like you’ve never been before or whether we are talking about financial freedom like taking your business or your whole life to the.

Next level how do we get from where we are right now to where we wanna be so today I want to talk about how to attract what you want right.

How to get more of what you want because often times in our lives we feel like we don’t have the thing that we longed for and the craziest thing is it gets to a point where we even tie our identity to something.

That we don’t have and that makes us feel like we are lacking of something so I believe that is one.

Of the biggest killers of happiness trying to get something trying to have something that we currently don’t have which makes us feel empty which makes us feel like there’s something missing right so at the.

Moment where we tie our identity to something that’s outside or we tie our happiness to something that’s outside of our control we have no ability to be happy in the present moment so what I mean by that is that if we want to attract more of what we want we need to change the way we are thinking.

Because at the moment where we not only tie our identity and happiness to a thing that’s outside that we don’t have yet not only do we screw ourselves by that doing that we also make it very hard to achieve that.

Thing right it’s weird we want something but shouldn’t that mean that we get it I believe that the reason why we often don’t get what.

We want is because we fail to realize that it’s about feeling like we already have it because if we want to attract something in our lives what we need to do is look within our outer world is a reflection of our inner world so it’s all about trying to find new ways to manifest the things that we really want it’s about asking ourselves the right questions having the right thoughts circulating in our mind on a consistent.

Basis reminding ourselves consistently of what we are striving towards but not feeling like we wanted or like we like.

It we have to have to get into a space of feeling like we already have it so how do we do that if that makes sense then where do we start I believe that there’s practically a lot.

Of ideas one idea is to get into the space of something which means to really physically actually go to the places that you.

Want to be around go to the people that you want to be around so find a way even if it’s.

Just once a year once a month whatever it is for you once a week we can get to a place where you feel like you’re at the place where you want to be so whether that’s going to really fancy restaurant once a month or whatever it is.

That you can afford or maybe there is something completely else another way is.

Consistently of the things that you want to achieve in your life which means I really have in.
My room like about ten sheets where.

I write down my goals and I hang them on the walls like like literally on the wall so wherever I walk in my apartment I see something that reminds me of where I’m going that keeps you focused on what you.
Want to achieve but it also gets your mind into the place be.

Present with what you want to achieve which means speak in the mountains not in the past and speaking of mountains and not in the future tense right you.
Saying we have to feel like it’s.

Already there because that’s how we attract things into our lives that’s why it’s so easy for you when you’re good at something or when.
You know you just attract a certain thing you’re really good at it but.

That to any out of field in your life right like for example if you know okay I feel really comfortable around people like you don’t have a trouble finding new people you don’t.

Have troubles finding amazing new relationships right but maybe you struggle financially or maybe you can do all of these things but you having health issues so you know for each one of us we have this all of.

These but isn’t it weird that there are some errors we’re really good at and it just seems to flow on its own and then there’s areas where we’re trying to figure it out for so long and the reason for that is in one area it has so much there already the mindset the the mindset that we go into the situations that we’re dealing.

With is a completely different one then the mindset where that’s saying you’re struggling financially or in your relationships like you.

Right with people maybe you feel like you can’t really be yourself or you’re scared.

To be yourself or in terms of finances maybe you just feel like you’re not lucky or you just can’t do it you don’t have the motivation to keep going whatever it is right like the mindset is completely different because in the one thing you already have it you embody it you live it and that’s why more and more is coming to you right that’s.

Why the rich get richer that’s why the people who are.

Social have a big social environment so whatever you have the more there is the easier it is to expand that so you gotta get a place where things that you’re not so great at these are the things that you have to build.

A space for greatness you have.

To build a space for embodying what it is that you want to have in the.

World right so I believe that that is the secret to really manifesting and the third big idea is to visualize and I’m sure.

You’ve heard this before like in a personal development space a lot of people talk about visualization visualizing your goals which means seeing them in front of you why is that the so effect event what to do and what not to do so I believe that when we talk about visualizing it’s first.

Of important to explain why this is working so I.

Believe that a lot of people.

Think that this is just like some weird way to tell yourself you’re gonna achieve something and like kind of pretentious but the thing is what’s happening with visualization is when you close your eyes and you visualize something about your future about something that you want to experience then what happens in your brain is your subconscious cannot distinguish whether this experience is real or.