You welcome to the Play resource inspiration Channel today we’re going to make two mono prints for this you will need from the players or shop paper masking tape scissors pencil and funky phone from the scrap store you’ll need a sheet of perspex some plastic pots bottle tops toothbrush cardboard and a waste bottle and from your local shop you’ll.
Need block printing ink and rollers so the first step is to.

Roll the ink out onto the perspex and I’m going to get the roller and make sure the roller is covered in ink and now i’m.

Apply the ink onto the perspex in the area that i’m going to make the print okay I think that’s about the right amount.

Of ink it’s an even coverage it’s not too thick and I think we’re now ready to start our print on the next step I’m going to very gently lay a.

Of paper over the top of the ink and.

I’m going to draw a design of a fish using a pencil now while I’m drawing I’m being really very careful that I don’t touch any other part of the page the pressure is only coming from pencil we’re using special ink which is called.

Block printing ink and we’re using it because the ink doesn’t dry up quickly while it’s sitting on the perspex and then that gives us plenty of time to get on with our work nothing that’ll do a little eyeball in the middle so I’m going to lift the page off from the ink and they have a monoprint so now we’re going to look at another way of making him on a print and I’m going to start off by making a frame.

With the masking tape so that I can have a nice clean edge and bring that so slightly over the edge before I stick it down move that out of the way so that will be the frame for the print right I’m now ready to ink up my square.

To make sure there’s a sin even coverage that’s now ready for the next stage okay now I’m ready to draw the image this time I’m going to draw the image into the ink not onto the paper i’m going to use lots of different objects to make marks with that you can get.

From the scrap store and play resource so i’ll start off with this yogurt pot and we’re going to start just by pushing down and giving it a little wiggle and you can experiment with this it really is all about experimenting so anything that you have around.

Or wherever you’re working you can try out different ideas and just see what happens got a bit of carboard here which has just got.

Some blue triangles cut out for this next stage now I’m going to take the masking tape off and then lay the page over the think now as you see my hands are very dirty oh I’ve got these two little pieces of card I’m going to pick up the page using these okay so I’m just going to gently rest the page over the print and I can just see that I have a little white board around there and I’m going to press this with my hand and I’m going to rub if you.

Want you can also use a dry brayer hasn’t got any ink on it at all and i’m going to just rub on the back of the.

Print so i’m gonna lift it up and there we have i wanna print now going to start making my small fish I’m going to use some of the funky foam and I’m going to draw a couple of fish shapes I’m going to cut them out so I’ve got two fish and I’ll need to make little handles for the back of them so it’s easy to lift them off the.

Print you have a small piece of masking tape I just stick the middle together and stick that onto the fish so the same as before we don’t need as much ink this time so we.

Have a bit of red in a bit of yellow put that down on the page and be very careful once it’s on the page don’t let it slide about or move okay now we have our finished print many of the materials I’ve used today or available at play resource you you you.