All right Ellie thank you bits without interruption yes you interrupted the opening thing we had a whole tales from the dark side theme going on there and Ellie’s just like hey hey hey bitch it’s appreciated thank you psyche wave thanks for the host and Gigi bro nine hours ago off stream this is what we woke up with pity.

Dollar donation thank you and that was helpful because we had to go.

To the dentist that we literally just came back from the dentist cuz because somebody decided to break a tooth uh yeah who does that why are you doing that and it’s not even like you eat.

Something he was like oh good look I’m gonna eat the bones from a vulture or something no no no no it.

Was like grinding his teeth and asleep you broke it you’re an idiot he’s an idiot so thanks cuz that that money went to.

His head a little numb I know right it’s like a bit okay or we want to walk there and back we thought we were gonna be late but we’re just like alright come on we gotta hustle hustle hustle it is a nice day out it is nice because it’s still a little bit of wetness out there it’s nice a.

Crisp crisp weather which is really great it’s finally I get to leave the house and not sweat it is lovely the Sun is inviting and warming not burning and killing so that’s good so what’s going on Dan sorry you had to go to the.

Dentist no yeah we we actually have a good good dentist so we’d actually don’t mind the guys very thorough and he doesn’t do anything that doesn’t need to be done he’s not like oh well let’s put a crown on here and do a root canal and hahaha yeah we could.

Take all these teeth out he’s just like okay you’re done go down here he’s really good he’s a really good doctor let’s say that ten bits LOUIE LOUIE wow it’s a 20-bit thing for it to pop up I’m sorry we had to.

Keep it under control uh hello good sir I just want to see let you know I order tickets for him for Friday nights showing of Oh Halloween yes Halloween I’m going with my dad and hoping it will be one of the better Michael Myers movie I mean it’s gotta be right there wasn’t a good Michael Myers film till since like h2o right that was like the last good one but uh yeah we’re probably gonna see him Monday we did get to see a movie hey dawn and.
Everybody went to see a movie we got when we got to see and.

Hold on let me let me catch up with chat first.

I’ll tell you what movie we saw hmm art stream art stream now good vibes hey.

Conklin who wants to see an art show in this day and age I mean it’s like with what we subscribe nautical razor two.

Moons thank you thank you who wants to see an art stream in this day and age with everything that could be happening who wants to see the behind the scenes process it’s.

Like Oh welcome making artwork that’s what you sound like it’s boring I mean frankly we’ll probably do some in the future but.

Not anytime soon you know it’s just you know if we do too.

Many streams I feel like we’re overexposed you know it’s like oh yeah pumpkin guys here all the time no that’s not fun twice a week that’s it okay through more shows than that it’s a my contract yeah hello Akkadian dragon what’s up I don’t usually have the what alerts off in the beginning yeah when we remember so yeah technically it’s not not it’s not Ellie’s fault it’s your fault two-face yeah see ya bleh Minelli at least good people thank you mmm I found out that one of the guys in that limo crash.

Boo boo I don’t like that that’s terrible we uh mad thirty nine months and many more to come Wow Valley dracool 39 moots I didn’t even realize I was on that long no I just like the monthly reminder I’ll let remind me how long I’ve been on doing this but thank you really appreciate it I know it’s more and more money going to the dentist but still we got teeth that’s good.

Thank you in t-minus two days the shape will come back too hot in theory please don’t suck I.

Need a good old new horror movie because everything seems to cater to crowds pg-13 crowds you might want to add that in there pg-13 is not not a bad term yeah yeah everything has been kind of far downed a little bit you know so yeah I miss went like dude how much better would venom have been if it was like a rated R movie yeah hmm that wasn’t.

A movie we saw the second song please it’s uh what is it keeping Halloween alive by Alice Cooper no note Pinker Smith tinker’s red.
No no thank you we’re gonna work on a new OBS.

You actually do bits they’ll fall into a fun cup I don’t know it seems to be a thing um maybe we should put the cup in our hand for the coffee cup that would actually be ingenious this is there you go what’s it even got three.

Teeth nails that need to be patched up good vibes good vibes you could do it patch him up get that cement in there although PG job update the first few days were assessment now it’s official plus I arrived on a day wasn’t expected to.

Come but the person was supposed to come never showed up so I basically filled in and the.

Boss said she is going to fire her and loved my work ethic never had that happen before that’s very good that’s a run-on sentence by the way I’m sure the new Michael Myers movie won’t.

Suck because it already got good critic score on Rotten Tomatoes oh oh critics course no I never listen to critic scores ever ever ever no but at least that’s a step in the right direction I don’t know I don’t know how much of that stuff is.

Actually bought and paid for you know I don’t trust reviews anymore I.

Don’t trust i GN reviews I don’t trust I am dipped a bit at Rotten Tomatoes.

Brand new Tomatoes you know slightly moldy but potatoes and none of those reviews I don’t know I don’t do it but thank you thank you thank you I’m just gonna go into it.

And I’m gonna expect murder and that’s death so if I get murder I should be alright thanks.

For to follow dancing in the streets don’t alright let me get back to chat I miss things I’ve got three teeth now Alice Cooper an awesome person yes and morning moon Congrats on the job that is awesome I’ve never I’ve never actually had a job where they’re like dude you’re so awesome I’m gonna fire.

Somebody so you can get this job what great cronic thank you prime sub mm-hmm yeah prime sub check to make sure it’s real.

If you can thank you hmm what David what I am NOT into some of the extra things on stream oh well like the thing yeah I know it’s kind of nuts it’s hey Jim did.

You get the package I sent what the full package I’m sorry and I mean no offense but Rotten Tomatoes is one of my trusted movie websites when I need movies that has.

Good critic score that’s fine not some people are.

You know dude you find a good reviewer that actually is in tune with your taste then yes critics are very helpful but um you know like a lot of people were a lot of critics were bad-mouthing what venom but you know people I talk to you actually said it was alright so.

It was like a three-star movie as opposed to be one-star everyone’s like me and got three per.

Are we talking about little bobble headed pumpkin stuff is that what we’re talking about is that what we’re talking about goth Reaper our weight hmm don’t trust anything on the internet ever ever because it’s the internet especially the internet then what I tried out unicorn cereal this morning it’s like Froot Loops but with.

A lot of hints of vanilla I don’t even know they made unicorns I thought they were endangered why are they making cereal out of them and I thought there wouldn’t be so vanilla e I.

Figured it tastes more like marshmallows yeah alright thank you I know just make it cereal out of endangered species it’s.

Like pumpkins I get it’s like everyone’s making pumpkin spice and all that other stuff pumpkin spice cereal yeah not for naught then there’s we’re plentiful but ah unicorns are kind of rare sorry about the run-on sentence just a little excited smile yeah I don’t think we really actually care about proper punctuation I think you just tired out.

The robot sometimes smiley face what happened to YouTube last night it went out worldwide um I would blame squirrels cuz.

You know they like to take power down every once in a while now they probably chewed on the lines you know squirrels sometimes they have uprisings every so often I know people were freaking out he didn’t know what to do to like oh my god YouTube and help it bro like go.

Outside for a little bit and you’re like I can’t I can’t load a tutorial from YouTube on how to do it and it’s like open the door outside hey I went outside today alright I’m outside down kinda um let’s see maybe it’s cereal for unicorns hmm.

Could be good morning pumpkin Amelia yeah I didn’t say hi to everybody Fantas hello lost.

Pixie yellow fudgy chocolate mousse what’s up cop 3.

/ yes it wasn’t yes we got it oh my god no no no no no no no we got it we got it we.

Got it we’ve been playing with all their face at least for me now.

Yeah they’re doing that so as they roll that out something else will be broken and all of a sudden everything will be demonetized again oh well you know we.

Had this glitch in the update system so all the viewers.

You’ve got for less couple of months we didn’t realize they weren’t registering with our ad revenue so uh sorry trust me just give me a way to take more money out of the content.

Creators and then just be like sorry oops oops I gotta say I don’t have those problems with twitch yeah I just show up and they love me and that it was fo me who secretly in charge you loominatee no I I think I think foamies a little bit above the Illuminati at this point no I mean anything.

Is weird and I missed the thing about.

Liking the series the new series the foamy series I’m sorry I missed that mm-hmm oh there.

It is alright I knew I loved the homing squirrel movie a zero to 40 percent on Rotten Tomatoes I would never be able to watch a bad movie and that’s spinnin for you I’m sorry but I will never watch venom because of that critic score no that’s that’s.

Bad you’re making letting everybody else do you decision morning pumpkin guy I got good news today my work was planning on having a mandatory.

Eight power meeting for training on the Monday before Halloween which was the date I was planning on having a small party with my friends now it’s being moved to the next week and will be much shorter than eight boom then eight what eight hours I’m so freaking happy I can.

Celebrate Halloween now yay Halloween everybody celebrate Halloween thank you um no I just I never.

Really that bad I will actually go out of my way to watch the film and then be like alright that dude was totally right and.

Then made me follow them as a critic but I’ve never unless you know the critics taste very well and they’re very similar to your own but generally I don’t I don’t allow critics to kind of sway me cuz I I.

Am my own thanks for to follow um no I’m a vicious critic when it comes to like music and movies and stuff like that and I wouldn’t expect anybody else to take my opinions you know it’s just kind of like what are you doing with that for mm-hmm let’s see where do.

They go come ooon hi then Rasputin Rasputin hello with David with David YouTube is looking the same here when change happen Oh – rolling it out slowly but surely slowly but surely they’re gonna miss things that you know we want to mess things up we got to do it incrementally not all at once because then.

You have what happened last night I love your family – squirrelly mounts we there’s like one we have one we have one what’s she talking about this court and you who are new welcome glad you like the squirrel he’s a little bit more irate than I am but you know we try to be.

At least the yin to the raging yang here mm-hmm I need a break for a bit everybody needs a break take a break thanks for being here it takes healing for unicorns to make.

One box of unicorn cereal see that’s not even practical if they did it in like how long howdy all I’m not going to be here for very long no I’ve got business class papers to work on good vibes from the fiery pits of hell I mean my.

That’s good or not depends on your disposition on hell some people like born but banks and try to muddle through somehow work if you’re wondering while we’re in school the school actually gives off like two weeks before Halloween.

And obviously Halloween so is well we’re not in.

Uniform I know right probably dropping our viewer.

Thing Oh new schoolgirl uniform all right let’s get out of here come on Oh Oh break from superhero movies oh you need a break from superhero movies um yeah I’m looking forward to the next Avengers doubt because I know that’s gonna just be epic and I very rarely say that about movie I’ve seen in friendly Wars like three times already it’s still a good movie but a break get some candy hold out eating all of it for.

A classic movie later yes like Abbott and Costello Meet.

The Frankenstein monster I was just having a custom me Frankenstein no it was a fun movie okay mmm they don’t like the candy corn half of its gone dude dude use a hammer hold on I think I got a bag around here where is it all right.

Excuse the green-screen but got three per boom sent us a bunch of candy corns candy cards Don was just like literally it we opened up the box right and dawns I caught candy corn and was just like like I’ve never seen her move that quickly cuz we didn’t get candy corns this year.

And we were just like oh we should probably get candy corns I’m little and lo and behold box of candy corn and then there’s the little bobblehead guy – you got him or you got.

Them readily available now you’re blocking the alerts one more thing to say do you know what is meaningless about Rotten Tomatoes the audience score and I always feel like that don’t mean anything look at the audience score of the last Jedi it doesn’t mean anything either and I agreed with that the critics that’s a very very good straight we ah Star Wars movie Matt.

Hey well now we know why you ended up at the dentist no I was it wasn’t because those are crazy just different don’t blame the candies part monk.

Hey what’s up thank you thank you for the sip and no no no I’m not I’m not really looking forward to any movies coming out don’t normally have spare money to pay for the insane ticket prices we go see a matinee eight dollars beautiful always a matinee and we try to do it on a Monday like a Monday morning matinee so we.

Don’t got to deal with people because most of the kids are in school or you know every once in a while your citizen and who went to go see the.

They’re like why is this what am i.

Watch in E I so loud What did he say you know that kind of kind of senior um yeah I mean but you know you’re paying really cheap ticket prices yeah anyway find a bobblehead where is he where’s the little guy again he’s not gonna be wobbling here because I don’t have oh wow that’s.

So cool look looked like he’s floating because the base is green he’s like one of those little wobblers that you’re putting a sundae and goes wubble bubble level it was really cool but he’s missing his stem now oh we got to do a trick with that got preper thank you no no no no no cuz no we we actually sent you a note about it I’m not gonna spoil the note so you know look look out for a note no we gotta send something nananana he’s.

Cool he’s wobbling right now he’s just like he’s like you ever seen a Sun wobblers that wobble back and forth and you’re just like yeah we’ve actually been collecting like any ones.

That are kind of pumpkin and we got one.

Owl because he was cute so there you go Hey people are giving hamster horde then to survive the summer yes that’s what we’re doing dude we hoard all of it we hoard all of it man now literally every cent either goes to the dentist now mr. teeth grinder and we just stockpile.

For the lien the lien summer months when everybody decides to leave the house and not watch videos I don’t know what it is and those are those are the months I stay in a house even.

You know now I’ll go for walks because there’s nobody on the.

Street it’s dismal I love it but you know some are bright Sun happy people wearing very little clothing get it away gross and batman’s what’s up how you doing man hey more people.

Were give me more bit though not sorry I just read that what where’s the words wit my face I left off I prefer going to the movies on Tuesdays half-price tickets all the way Oh see there you go that’s what matinees usually are we don’t have that on Tuesday dough it’s got to be like I gotta tell you um no.

Cut no no no nah and we’ll be here all summer I hate the heat yeah join the club dude it is like it’s like somebody just put you in an oven and they say enjoy you know it’s ridiculous other than rotten tomatoes what is your favorite Friday the 13th installment for me my favorite would be either part two or six on that bombshell they’re having their Fall Break here right now one week they have to go to school on Halloween.

Which is a Wednesday this year what do is tour of all I’m stockpiling candy for the kiddies so they don’t have to rush their.

Trick and treating and can get a December ridiculous thanks for follow.

And I’m waiting for the next one there we go I prefer to wait until the movie is.

Streaming yes most of the time and ok that one’s.

Not gonna show up yeah forgot to grind the bits oh yeah stop grinding bits with your teeth favorite Friday the 13th I know it’s gonna be stupid and silly but I liked and I know it’s not directly part of the Friday 13th instalments I do like Freddy vs. Jason I it was just so bombastic and goofy and fun I loved it it was like a fun horror movie that we haven’t seen since like an old Nightmare on Elm Street thing it had a good.

Sense of humor about it which I miss in horror films you know so that was.

Cool I like that and you know we need more films like that you know still a lot of blood but still a little bit of humor you know but I have to say let’s see no I kind of like Jason Takes Manhattan a little bit you bitch give me power I watched a movie called Devil’s candy on Netflix last night it was okay for a.

B-movie however some parts were cringy yeah III can’t do cringy anymore like when I watch a film and there’s that Oh what do you oh god I just so.

Stupid that kind of part where it’s like you almost feel bad for the people who were actually in the film that’s when I got to.

Turn it off and I’m just like I’m done let’s see what else is on I know Netflix apparently got the Goosebumps series for the old stuff which I never got to see any old things but that brings us to the movies we did get to see ghost goosebumps because it was a haunted Halloween it out huh it had flying pumpkins there was a derpy pumpkin did the package arrive I guess not it might be at the PIO.

Box we haven’t checked the pl box we were gonna do it on the way home from from the dentist but.