Hey we’re live look at that holy smokes how many games did you win 72 88 88 free games oh my god that’s a good start eighty and Diane’s here look at she got her so close shit on well that wasn’t so close that’s there hold on Sophie okay feature hold on feature one a credit prize will be awarded.

Between nineteen 198 dollars and four dollars and forty cents or four hundred forty nickel okay so feature I would do the 22 alright let’s start with that come on all.

Right come on it’s a new wonder for boost by aristocrats only here to play live welcome everybody for joining us almost 1,000 people watching.

Live final night in Las Vegas oh there you go all right good.

On that’s really yeah so i7 that was only like 60 bucks all those a rhino charge No there’s three more of a Maori triggers come on all right halfway there it’s nothing big here thank you everybody Aloha guys for joining us we’re at the Cosmo and loft the Vegas never get Saturday we’re off to New York and a.

Sunday we are off on the cruise for a week to Bermuda 80 strong big jackpot project by patreon regular bomb squad members all going out to sea it’s gonna be a lot of fun the mitri is $2 super check good luck tonight good luck tonight sir thank you Demetrius for the super chap Jacob 399 super Chet.

Where’s Bo Dee I need some coins and sent it and I’ve been sending a zealous slap channel there you go $10 super check good luck Scott thank you so much and welcome Chris Morgan our newest member to sign up for battle Oh something we congratulations it’s Diane in her so close shirt one of our patreon members get underway here All Right see ya start with a little prowling Panther I’ve done this forever.

I was like this game I like it even better when I get a bonus so the low growling Panther to start it off give me a big night as as the crowd grows so are the bets bigger bets and we also don’t forget about the big jackpot slide out tonight we’re gonna have a huge contest and during this tonight we gave we activated tight the 10 X package for everybody so that’s good a long time beauties in the.

House if anybody needs any coins or help on the big jackpot sought out just let.

Them know given away all sorts.

Of perks and bonuses tonight so two away come on.

It’s Bonus Time that guy RJ tbj slots.
00 super check good luck Raja tbj slots download the app now who and what a bonus already alright come on j-money let’s see the money j-money thank you guys for all the thumbs up almost 1700 people watching a little something Oh a nice feature there man come on oh I saw those twos spill that screen full of twos.
Wow Oh a little something four hundred.

Dollar bonus Wow not what I was hoping for but it’s still a bonus thank you guys so maybe we enjoyed our patreon play last night.

For like three hours two and a half hours three hours well I can’t believe that bonus round of nothing oh man 640 for the A’s oh nice that would have been 16 game what is this with all these things 200 for the jacks come on you’re watching the big jackpot live and.

We’re gonna have some big slot contest tonight on the big jackpot slide up so you.