So this little little sign it said I missed up I missed my workout session today that makes five years in a row I’m sorry here’s another one I’m sorry I’m you know you can’t give me shiny things because I get easily distracted yeah I start thinking of some of these I love this one my bathing suit told me.

To go to the gym but my sweat pants were like now.

Girl you’re good okay reel it in reel it in.

All right do you know if everybody in Dallas were born again it still have problems because the issue is as heavily devoted as I am.

To seeing as many people get born again as is possible the issue is what kind of lifestyle do we live once we were devoted to Christ Heaven functions different than Earth now I don’t mean just the the super naturalist the.

The spiritual environment gold streets and that that I I mean the values the values what what everything is focused on in heaven is supposed to become a practical prayer.

That requires application us to learn what it is like to live in what the.

Old Testament would call the.

Promised land the New Testament would call the kingdom of.

God learning how that world functions is one of the I think one of the primary mandates put upon us as believers heaven is supposed to be ever practical present tense reality something that’s discernible experienceable measurable understandable there’s an impact that that world is to have on how we.

View reality how we think how are our values are established and the more we learn.

This practical expression of the kingdom of God the more we learn how to construct and build life.

Around the central values of that.

World the more transformational we become.

In our impact of the world around us Jesus gave us the prayer that really I think more than then any of the part of scripture represents his heartbeat for our lives and the impact that we were to have on the world around us and he said pray like this your will be done on earth as it is.

In heaven that wasn’t just a pipe dream that wasn’t just you know keep them spiritually minded so that you know they can be occupied till I come back it was a very strategic military assignment it’s actually falls in.

A category of an apostolic Prayer I don’t want to deal with the subject the fivefold ministry that’s not my I have zero interest in that right now.

But I do want to highlight for you whether an epistolary prayer is pasal was essential and that’s what the word means but it’s it’s so much more than that so much different than now the word was actually taken from the Roman army where they would send a military leader into.

A land that had already been.

Conquered let’s just take Rome.

Rome had already conquered this territory they would send this military leader and he would go with architects he would go with language specialists he would go with all these people that would go into this newly conquered area and they would begin to design the appearance of this.

City nation whatever the city they would begin to design architectural II they would begin to design the.

Roads the way the city function the business principles the language they would teach people the language of Rome and they would continue to do this until this city that had been conquered and was now transformed actually.

Looked similar to Rome so that when the emperor would come he would feel at home so when Jesus says to pray on earth as it is in heaven it’s.

That prayer is it possible for our stab Holmes is it possible.

For us to have churches then is it possible for us to have.

Cities that he feels at home that the city he would come to rest upon would be similar in function in value in heartbeat as it is in heaven.

It’s supposed to be a practical prayer wasn’t supposed to be something that was so spiritual that just kept us occupied the greatest reality in heaven and the greatest value in heaven is the presence of God the presence of God is so so thoroughly saturates all of heaven that.

There are no shadows because.

He is everywhere shining everywhere at once and there’s just it’s impossible for there to be a shadow that.

Fascinates me I don’t know I don’t know what it means it’s just I’m impressed his world is just without shadow there’s no darkness in it everything everything’s saying everything has sound.

Everything has brilliance everything has beauty everything in heaven every individual is incredibly valued a pecking order while there are some who receive more honor there’s no question there’s no pecking order in the sense of ruling over every person is celebrated as we work to emulate as we work to mirror that reality we it’s been put upon us to embrace what we have been referring to in recent years as the culture of honor the system of values that rotates around this culture of honor at.

Honor actually is just one of the other expressions of excellence.

Which is a manifestation of wisdom honor and honor.

Who a person is without stumbling over who they’re not it’s finding the treasure in the individual and celebrating a lot of people that have come to the.

Lord that are in our churches and I know there are many churches represented a lot of people who come to the Lord and are in our churches have no sense of real personal identity because they don’t know where they are in let me put it a different way they’ve not yet met the group of people who will celebrate who they are they come face-to-face everyday with who.

They’re not but they have yet to find the people that will call out and celebrate who they are these are the values of that world that every time we pray those are the things that the Lord is trying to rain upon us defective thinking to affect our perception.

To affect our prayer lives to affect how we do life itself everything in heaven is connected to one thing and that is the presence of God so when we.

Pray on earth as it is in heaven we can’t desire that any more than we are devoted to learning to recognize and value the present in.

Other words I can’t just pray that because I want to.

See cancer healed I can’t just pray that because I want to see marriages restored or businesses succeed and all those things are appropriate expressions of heaven to earth a’practice Lee the.

Impact of that prayer is connected to my devotion to the present today all around your city my city I’ll run this nation people gather week after week worship has various places of influence depending on what church.

Are attending but it’s becoming more important which I’m grateful for but by and large people gather together weekly around a sermon Israel camped around the present you I believe for us.

To make the transition that the Lord is working into Church culture in this nation somewhere in that mix of events that he is working on for you and me.

Is the ongoing revelation of the present learning how to recognize being tethered to that one supreme value above everything else it is possible for us to learn how to live Kingdom type lifestyles by merely studying principles I can.

Teach you certain principles about healing I can teach you certain principles things to do when you face this sickness or that sickness this condition that condition what to do in this kind of a church setting what to do in that church so what.

You do in public I can teach you the principle and you’ll have success you will see.

Things out but Jesus ministered out of the presence it’s not the principles.

Aren’t important principles are what you turn to when you can’t discern the present the Lord never leaves us but sometimes he shuts down our capacity to discern him so that we are forced to live out of what he’s taught us it’s our own personal journey of discovery I thought that was a pretty.

Good point though I just want to encourage you just keep going there’s a whenever he’s silent is never punishment as he knows there are certain things we’ll never find unless he’s quiet so when you go to sleep at night what’s going on yeah bleep him yeah but he visits you in the night and he downloads it gives you instruction according to job that if he were to give it to you in the day you’d become proud this is too significant.

It’s too great it’s too profound a so he comes and he ministers to you while you’re sleeping how valid is that it’s so valid that when God showed up to Solomon and gave him the choice Salomon you can have anything you want it was while he was sleeping Solomon was so obsessed with a purpose over his life that God.

Trusted his decision while he slept try this side trust at his decision while he slept that stunning he’s sleeping and he made a covenant with God the guy went to sleep so locked in to divine purpose the God could trust his vow his decision wally slip so here the Lord he comes any ministers to you to.

He prepares us but we’re not aware of it so how do we become aware sometimes the only way to become aware.

Is either to be in a ministry situation where you’re in way over your head I hate those moments but I sure pray good my favorite prayer is help help.

I pray it often oh god help but honestly in those moments that’s where you began to discover some of the things that he’s been downloading how many of you been in a conversation where you you’re talking with a friend or maybe a witnessing sharing the gospel of somebody and you find yourself saying things that are so profound you didn’t know you knew them and you you’re wishing your mom was there you know but I just wish.