Everyone welcome back to how Tech’s today we have a Mac Mini and we’re gonna unbox it so this is the version currently on sale in 2018 and of the models available this is the middle level one so it has a 2.6 gigahertz dual core Intel i5 processor with three megabytes of l3 cache turbo boost up to 3.

Comes with 8 gigabytes of RAM and also a one terabyte hard drive and this is a 5400 rpm hard drive so it’s not a solid-state because this is a desktop it’s actually ok Intel iris graphics etc etc so let’s just jump into looking at it a little closer and also we have all the.

Ports on the back but we’ll take a look at the real one so let’s get this guy open now you’ve got to be careful.

You don’t drop it out okay so here we go it’s like a.

Giant Apple TV or a screen this iPad so it’s got the same little tab to pull it.

Out and let’s put it aside first and look in the box really not much here there’s basically just a plug and since we have the Hong Kong version.

It’s the UK plug and then we also have the little documentation book with the warranties and the safety information and there are some Apple stickers in here and that’s basically it there’s no other cables no nothing and.

Then let’s take a look at the actual device itself so it comes wrapped up in plastic just like you would find on an Apple TV or similar to what you find on.

It on an iPad sort of wraps around but basically there’s not much here on all three sides and the top except for the logo and there is a a power indicator light and a small microphone and on the bottom is nothing at all just this.

Plastic piece which sort of serves as a base and on the back is the rest of it and that’s literally everything.

We have you so I think you guys can.

See we have a headphone jack there should be mic in this is an SD card slot we.

0 ports and then we also have this is actually just for cooling is not.

A port we have two Thunderbolt ports and an HDMI port gigabit ethernet.

Port and then that’s where the power supply goes in.

And then there’s an on/off button so if you don’t have a Mac keyboard you can use this to turn it on and off or to do a hard stop so that’s basically it I won’t even take off the wrapper because it’s nothing really.

Hidden under there that you can’t see pretty perfectly so there you have it very nice actually never heavy doesn’t take up much space on a desk so it makes a nice alternative to using a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro if you want to save some money and you have an external screen already so there.

You have it any questions or comments please leave them below do give us a like and subscribe and consider taking other videos for many popular portable Desktop electronics thanks bye okay so one more thing let’s just try out the pen just for fun as soon as you take it out it seems to know.