Upgrade of the late 2012 Mac Mini so squat for piece of RAM an i5 dual core 500 gig hard drive so put this off eBay for around 250 pounds so I’m gonna be upgrading the RAM then an SSD in and another 1 terabyte hard drive so I’ve got a jewel jewel kit so I should be able to get.

Drives in there so I’m gonna be following this tutorial and I’ll be showing the results oh and show you the whole tutorial because yeah this will.

This the tool will show how to do a lot better than our yes I’ve got got my dog here.

And I’ll show you the results so this is an image of the Mac Mini taken apart so I use some post-it notes for the individual steps so when I am go back rebuild it get back ok it’s pretty fairly simple process so just have to follow the step by step guide on I fix it and it’s really useful to follow that.

Guide because it said that each and every.

Step so a fairly quick process cool so after about 2 hours later I’ve managed to put all the drives in the new Mac Mini I’m just getting this flashing parvis I need to put into today I’m covering so really internet recovery now so just reinstalling OS X Mountain Lion so that’s gonna probably take permanent.

Time so not going to do 17 so probably a while but I wanna update charters it’s all all installed now really quick so if I if I try to hide something oh.

So it’s really responsive it’s just they’re suspicious every to improve the machine and I’d recommend if anyone thinks about getting a Mac Mini engage 2012 that we work again grade s is Dean you got no sir space cheers thanks for watching any questions let me know in the comments below and now I will answer that.