Everyone this is luke from zip scanners where we make scanning easy today we’re going to take a look at the unit in SDS 100 as well as the nylon case that’s available after markets and how it looks when it’s on so here’s the scanner itself with the intent on so let’s go ahead here’s the nylon case it’s got.
The plastic insert on the top some people cut this out.

So they can access the batteries a little bit better or it gets worn down over use so as you can see slides in pretty.

Easily just a little snap on the back so it’s.

Got the cutouts for the batteries I’m sorry for the batteries for the buttons as well as the USB here on the side so you can still access everything so again some people cut out the just the plastic here which is an exacto knife so it’s just the case itself and not the plastic but to each their own so there is a little space on the back here this is the actual sizing for the reason it’s cut that way little belt clip that comes with.

The scanner so it fits underneath it take the case off again so as you can see when you put the belt.

Clip on the case kind of slides there and snaps in so.

You’re still able to use it clip it to your belt and what so it’s not the most snug case as you can see but it does work when the clips are so good this is the new nylon case does not come with unit in sts-100 but we do sell separately so if you’re interested in a little extra protection for your scanner this is a good.

Option so hope this is helpful this is luke from zip scanners where we make scanning easy and give us a call at seven three seven seven seven seven nine eight seven six female us at zip at zip scanners that come we’re we’re.
Open 7 days a week thank you..