Meagan Marco pears 3000 $873 Stella McCartney mini-dress with traditional accessories from New Zealand as she was on the final day of the Royal tur with the royal tour just hours away from drawing to a close all eyes once more turned to Meghan Markel and her outfit choice for the final day in New Zealand and the Dutchess of Sussex.

Certainly did not disappoint wearing a navy mini dress by acclaimed British designer Stella McCartney as she and Prince Harry arrived in Rotorua to greet the crowds the 37 year old mother to be paired.

Her chic ensemble with a traditional New Zealand necklace in stilettos wearing her.

Hair in a sheikh abdul favored throughout the tour the Stella McCartney dress was quickly pinpointed by Royal Watchers as a customised version of the long sleeve signed pleat jersey gown which retails for 3873 dollars GBP 2163 pounds it featured a round neckline and fell just below Megan’s knee the Duchess.

Also wore her borrowing the Disco Lego gold earrings which were given to her as a gift from the prime minister of New Zealand Jacinda garden finally she added a traditional New Zealand necklace by kiri Nathan around her neck the Maori design was a gift from governor-general Patsy ready while attending the official welcome Megan and Harry were gifted Cora I Maori cloaks which.

The creator said were designed to act like a protector to envelop them in strength warmth and aroma love she and Prince Harry received a traditional welcome to tape a pay year rumery a Maori community hub with locals putting on a stirring haka performance Wednesday marks the last official day of the marathon royal tour to Australia New Zealand Fiji and Tonga their Royal Highnesses.

Will spend the morning in Rotorua a town set on Lake Rotorua and renowned for its geothermal activity and Maori culture before they head.
To Rainbow Springs to learn.

More about the centre’s Kiwi breeding program after their time in Rotorua the Duke and Duchess will head to Rainbow Springs to learn more about the centre’s Kiwi breeding program.

Kiwi which are New Zealand’s national bird have become increasingly endangered in recent years and their royal highnesses will meet conservationists working to protect the species later that afternoon the Duke and Duchess will.

Head into the city for the chance to meet members of the public gathered there they will then travel to redwoods tree walk Rotorua the tree walk is a 700 meter long walkway of.

Suspension bridges between one hundred seventeen year old redwood trees the Duke and Duchess will learn more about the forests history as they take on the tree walk and will then meet invited representatives of the local biking community under the forest canopy.