Designed by an international team of engineers greaser is a retro electric bicycle inspired by the styling of the most iconic motorcycles of the past century the bike features large 26 inch fat tires a vintage style LED headlights an old-school saddle the lever handlebar grips it’s brought into motion by either a 250 or 500 watt motor that is powered.

By a 500 watt hour battery with a max all-electric range of 31 miles this bike also has five pedal assist levels that allow one to get some exercise while increasing riding range and.
Conserving battery capacity this premium electric bicycle received.

A pure cafe racer style a series of retro handcrafted elements and a great deal of modern smart settings the most available settings can be controlled through a special phone application the bike has an intelligent pedal assist feature that limits the power from 1,000 to 250 watts in cities in order to comply with regulations and be suitable for.

Public reviews if you obtain the proper paperwork or use this bike in.

Off-road environments the maximum power output could be unleashed this electric.

Bicycle received a motorcycle inspired design a 1,000 watt motor and sturdy steel frame that can handle loads of up to 300 pounds like most electric bicycles out there Titan has a smart pedal assist feature in an all-electric mode it can last for about 25 miles but you can boast the combined range to over 40 miles if you choose to start pedaling ruff cycles markets their ebike as a high-performance two-wheeler for real men who are.
Not ready to make compromises when it comes to style and quality.

Their bike is designed and hand-built.

In Germany a country that is undergoing a true boom of emo bility lately this bike is powered by the latest drive unit from Bosch Performance Series and the bosch 500 watt hour power pack with enough charge for 55 miles of pedal assist riding this.

Bicycle is currently offered in free body colors and can get enhanced cargo capabilities with the help of gorgeous leather saddlebags the vintage electric company try to combine classic vehicle aesthetics with.

Modern electric drivetrain solutions in their products besides getting a motorbike with a timeless design you will receive tons of great features namely the robust suspension fork that provides a smooth ride and good traction a.

Powerful rear hub motor regenerative braking system and intuitive control features depending on the chosen model and riding style the range of the vintage electric bikes fluctuates between 40 and 75 miles you stroller is an electric city bicycle.

That has a beautiful retro design a good deal of storage space and a comfortable elongated seat consequently it has enough room for two passengers this bike is equipped with a 500 watt motor making the bike completely road-legal even in countries with strict evie laws you can ride in electrical or pedal-assist modes and cover up to 30 miles on a.

Single charge this premium electric bicycle was created for those who could appreciate the fusion of cafe racer design and the latest tech innovations as well as handle the premium price.

Tag the use of carbon fiber elements contributed to the overall lightweight design of this bike the installed battery pack provides up to 20 miles of range if needed it can also be detached from the frame and serve as a multifunctional boombox.