Hey guys sup chiming Sam on back to another video we are on some kind of grind right now because this is my third video this week and I’m so excited I ordered a bunch of stuff off Aliexpress to film in a video I have opened some of the packages just to see what the item was because I like.

To confirm my package once I receive it and.

This video I’m gonna be trying some clothes I ordered off Aliexpress super cheap clothes and we’re gonna see if the quality is really worth your money I also have one iPhone case I want to show you guys I have.

Been requested so many times to order this iPhone case so I decided to throw it in this video I am waiting for like 20 cases to come into review for you guys so don’t forget to subscribe if you aren’t already and let’s just go ahead and hop.

Right into it I’m gonna be telling you guys the price is how long they took to arrive and my opinions on paying for.

Shipping because I used to hate paying for shipping I would never pay for shipping but my.

Mind has changed so first I’m gonna start with the phone case so this is the case it is a dupe of the Apple silicone phone case and apparently these are so so good I haven’t personally tried the actual Apple one but as for the casing I looked it up it looks so much like the Apple casing and I’m just gonna rip this open because.

I’m so excited to have just a basic case on my phone right now I have some clear like diamond like case so.
Let’s see how well it peels off so as I get this open here.

I’m gonna tell you guys that the case was only three dollars and seventy nine cents I did not pay for shipping on it which might have been a mistake because it literally almost took a month to arrive I ordered this on September 9th and I got it October 5th literally today I can’t get this open it is so hard to open I’m gonna need scissors good thing I have some handy-dandy haircutting scissors right here I don’t want to damage the case so I’m not really sure where to stop it because anywhere.

I stop I’m gonna stop the case let me see if I can just I stopped the case I hope it didn’t do any damage to it because I’ll be cheese this is really hard I think think the real Apple one just peels right off ah this is so hard with acrylics come on it is actually so tough oh oh.
It’s happening right now peel corn fails peel fun I failed again let’s try.

Again there you go the inside is actually the same material as the real iPhone one and the silicone feeling.

On this oh my god this feels real this feels real um the Apple logo feels a little bit printed on but oh that smells like straight-up alcohol poisoning this is discussing it smells like alcohol if.

You go smell rubbing alcohol this is what this case smells like only up close though I can’t smell it from here or here or I’m gonna throw up definitely worth three dollars I feel like the real version.

Of these are about fifty something dollars and it comes with a case that looks just like it so you could fool a lot of people with this but I can’t wait to wear this the color on it is beautiful this is the lilac color definitely in love with this let’s move on to the next item so the next item I just got today I didn’t open it to other things I opened it.