All right so I am now trying are attempting to pull up to Savannah comics and more I got to get there stranger things come back I’m late as hell it’s Friday they came up Wednesday hopefully all right so I made a quick run into the comic book shop as you can see I’m already out I knew what I.

For that one comic um I’m a big comic book reader become a fan I love reading just in general as of.

Late the past few years I haven’t been reading as much as I used to and when it comes to comic books man I’m an on and off type of guy like I might be then but bright eye opening for every new comic damn Wednesday for months on end and then you might not see me at the comic book shop buying any new issues for another like six months on it like literally I love comic books but it’s just even though.
Like three or four dollars a piece man they give really.

Gets really expensive especially for someone like me I’m a sucker for the various covers so if it’s a series I’m reading and I get there and I’m picking up the latest issue to see what’s going on in the story and I see oh there’s also a variant cover man.

I’m trying I’m gonna get this up man that’s just me that’s just me so I try to arm I don’t know how to explain it I dip in and out of comics I might like I said I might be reading them for a while and then I put him down for a while but it never fails even though even when.

I’m not currently like into a series that I’m not there every new comic day and I’m not really buying comics a lot sometimes something drops and I’m there like when the Rugrats and the Nickelodeon.
Comics dropped with Rocko’s.

Modern Life and stuff like that I was there for issue number one of course even though I wasn’t picking up my usual marvel of DC comic books that I would usually pick up and then when I heard stranger things coming out with a comic book I’m saying things.

One of my favorite shows if you don’t know that so I had to go get it I loved the 80s 5 or strange of things I’m a 90s baby but I was raised very much so watching all the ad shows and all the 80s movies and.

It’s just the vast range of things it’s awesome so when I saw them they had all the comic book of course I had to go get some there are so many different variant covers.

That it doesn’t make sense I think my comic book shop had like five four or five different covers I picked up only two I told myself I’m gonna love myself I almost bought.

I was like listen I’m only gonna get to okay I’m only gonna get two so who knows maybe I’ll starting hitting up the comic book shot more often we will see but right.

Now my focus is just on other things um I’m a big collector but I collect so many different types of things like so many like so much stuff like I collect VHS I collect blu-ray I collect Funko pops a big hunk of.

Our fan I collect Marvel Legends I collect Black Series like a legging NECA figures I collect horror memorabilia I collect Dragon Ball Z figures I collect SH.

Figure arts um the list can go on and on and on Lego comic books he just never ends so usually what I try to do is I.

Try to focus myself on one thing for a certain period of time that way nothing really gets old because going toy hunting all the time it does get old especially when you live in the area that sucks at restocking stuff so like Francis for a couple of weeks my focus.

What my focus has been on the last few weeks on besides the horror figures and stuff on obviously in all my live I’m sorry but I’ve picked up probably about a dozen maybe a dozen.

And a half Funko pops off camera but I haven’t even shared with you guys so I need to sit down and make a video show you a lot of my Funko pops a lot of the house and I Funko Hassan I’ve had lately but yeah right now I’m focusing on horror stuff.
Mainly picked up this comic I really really.

Want to go cutting out some horror VHS and old-school stuff before Halloween but talking about horror this is what I wanted to ask you guys will our close out this video have you guys seen the look of the new Chevy how do you guys feel about it the Internet is enough roar I mean it’s not breaking the internet by any means.
By any means but the people in.

The horror community a lot of them are upset don’t look at the new Chucky a lot of people don’t want to reboot child’s play is probably one of the only horror movies from back in the day that hasn’t been rebooted yet you know it’s still going on the same storyline from part one you know so uh which I just watched the new puppet master yesterday I thought it really I really did not like.

It at all I’m being honest is he but it was really.

Glory has some cool deaf scenes but it was kind of a boring movie but I don’t think they rebooted that either but I might be wrong but.

Yeah Chucky has not been rebooted now it is getting booted they drop the first look at what he’s gonna look like and I gotta say I’m not upset with it at all um when I heard about the story of the reboot that the doll would be more like technological you know and have like you know I don’t know it’s supposed to be more technological like a computerized da it’s not gonna be like.

How Chucky was it’s gonna supposed to be more advanced so put it that way so when I heard that I got upset just like when I heard.

Of Top Gun 2 is gonna be more so drones fighting in the air than regular pilots I thought that was you don’t want to take your old-school movies that we grew up with and make them futuristic and put all this stuff into the movies because that’s not what the audience will connect with but I didn’t have a problem with our Chucky look.

He loves how Chucky basically should look he home he looks a little more innocent I guess then again we only saw one brief glimpse of him and I remember when you watch Chucky one and stuff like that before he would actually turn wherefore he would start talking to be evil and do all types of crazy when.

The guy’s the little boy would carry around he didn’t look as evil as he did once he started moving those eyebrows around any moding and doing all type of you know I’m saying so I really don’t have a problem with the look of the new Chucky so far but if you do let me know in the comments below if you like it also let me know in the.