Heaven is filled with perfect perfect peace perfect faith there’s there’s nothing of darkness that exists there at all in thought and ambition and contemplation everything everything is built on absolute rock-solid faith this world on the other hand is filled filled riddled with unbelief unbelief even as a virtue it’s called critical thinking and you and I will always reflect.

The nature of the world we are most aware of we will always emanate we were all wherever we go we will carry the fragrance of the world where most aware of why do you think Peters shadow healed people there’s no substance to a shadow your shadow will always release whatever.

Overshadows you learning to host the person now here’s the.

Here’s the problem it is possible for us to engage with this person of the Holy Spirit so that we can be.

Used in ministry instead of engaging this person of the Holy Spirit because we want deep relationship if you engage with the Holy Spirit because you want to merely be effective in.
Ministry then your developing.

Professional intimacy and what do we call people.

Who are intimate as a profession what we want is we wife we want the lifestyle of the miraculous the lifestyle of the kingdom miracles or the expression of the kingdom we want the lifestyle of the kingdom to emanate from the yielded life this relationship that we have with the Holy Spirit is central to learning this life of miracles because the relationship is where you’ll learn to release.
The presence he will give you the measure of his presence that.

You willing to jealously guard whatever.

Your whatever measure you’re willing to take a bullet for to lay your life down for to protect with everything you are that measure is what you will.

Learn to carry on the continual basis now theologically we have the spirit without measure I’m talking about oftentimes there’s a difference between the that which has been stated as a provision of heaven for us and now measure that we actually get to walk in there is no limit to what we can experience and.

Yet there is a limit on what I.

Experienced to this to this point does that make.

Any sense so the Holy Spirit is given to us without measure and we have been called to carry this presence here’s what I’ve seen happen I’ve seen people get healed by.

Touching clothing that’s in the Bible.

So it should work it’s not the key it’s what is the Holy Spirit doing sometimes the Lord is moved by what’s.

Going on inside of us God was moved by Mary’s passion to see Jesus revealed as the miracle worker at the wedding of Cana.

Mary says they have no wine jesus says what does that.

Have to do with me this isn’t my.

Time where does he get his information from the Father Mary turns to the servant says just do whatever he says she’d been.

Carrying promises about him for thirty years thirty years is long enough to be.

Pregnant with the promise she turns to the service to do whatever he says Jesus looks back to the father and so many words says apparently we’ve had a change in plans you know the point is there are times where heaven itself.

The individual there are times where were they put.