Hello how are you guys doing this video a second about then our scooter progress I had plans to get my range up tons of medium cools and get my very first Ranger’s but you know like in real life things doesn’t always go as you plan but even in runescape I was killing cards for rent experience and tools and.

Mindsets get my 40 range for Queen heights when I finally got my median clue it asked me to wear blue d Heights cast my lot so I just put.

My phone in my bank to sit and pee sorry to mess up my plans I know getting 50 range isn’t that much effort.

But right now I just want to work on it I had a quest to do try this some random low skills to get ready for questing mood I love runescape but like in everything there is things you like more than others desert elf city and if a dollar places I like this this it sucks because it’s all about YOU drying unless you have water and queers are mostly in pyramid that.

Is filled with traps traps on the floor steps on wall monsters to poison you why I want to go there to die but I was getting mentally ready for that today I was buying already to do more than one Questor i was reading quest guys and I.

Slurring little helper quest sounded easy to start with okay I.

Have to go in pyramid again that is speed with wraps but I read that you can avoid them by navigating your mini-map so it sounded very easy to do when something sounds easy it should drink a warning bell you know life is battle in runescape there is still kind of them battles with monsters and you can windows but battles.

With quest you end up losing every time when you think it easy quest you can beat it fast you are wrong there’s always something that goes wrong anyway how hard it can be.

I need to help high priest who just hit puberty and if help with his pimples sir let’s go help you all i need to do is get into your image and watch my.

Run energy to keep it high enough to I’m over the pit ha no problem i have potions I have no words to describe my feelings about this quest.

After a bit this song lyrics sums it up baby y’all games are prominent y’all got me mad baby I’ve been trying to get my monster all I think about if you want what.

You do to me getting down in my head like rocking it like babies you’re the one what I get take me to the finish and then you take me back to square one what to get down from your highness I’ve had enough around taking your man like seriously after i had to bank to get food and more potions to get.

Over the feet I was so fed up I was thinking about underground fires and how I had put it on first place on most irritating quests these squares was about to take that place right now but I was lucky and finally got over that peace and.

Rest of the quest went smoothly and even I had to go.

Back in pyramid again I didn’t say that Trump as earlier so i got my quest done.

And my free experience next quest i did was call em quest you know life would be easier if we women had a key like that you guys are always complaining how we nag nag nag over about the same thing if they had a key like this we could test write those things down and put in your head so things would be done nicely without repeating its hundred times you know I’m just dating you.