Can ya hear me you know what it’s like when certain people go online you see they should just start jumping automatically because they always go on like I yes it is like you always go also it’s like automatically won’t jump up jump up jump up jump up like soon as you get on soon as people see you on.

Cuz they know you’ve got to talk about some crazy shit I’m never on so my shit like don’t be here go slow but we need to I.

Really need to start getting on here I’m just really talking about shit cuz.

That’s what love is feeling like that like vlog shoot like did you wrong or whatever what’s good job why she’s still going on I should go listen so Britney – suck my dick like that.

Come alive and soak while people at all like y’all never him not to vote no body cuz I’m really really really honestly truly don’t care like first of all bitch how you know within my crypts about all your crib is empty yeah my king-sized bed my two / swing TV and my.

Three boss pool yeah we not took much evidence she don’t even got a quarter of a million followers bro like Ricky please I know you see I’m more love do not do that I hate when people call me when I’m all along people only live for drum they love drama anyway like that’s all they wanna see is people in drama and people not happy I’m like totally 100% happy I don’t care about nothing nobody else is doing and as long as I’m making money it’s like we already fought like and then she said.

That I jumped her bitch you got jumped by my cousin’s I was going already I was sitting in a car waiting for my jacket while you were still getting.

Your ass whooped in the club we drive into a baby shower so you can’t even speak and then people think like they feel so important when you talk about them like I’ve never in my life and once ever talked about.

A bitch that they ain’t fucking bring my name up first from every bitch I ever had before ammo to Bri I only had before dream because of Brie and she mention my name first anybody I ever have a problem with mariahlynn all of them bitches like mention me first I don’t mention nobody like I’m living my life let me be a.

Bomb with my empty condo and my motherfucking whatever the fuck badge I gotta say about me let me do that shit on my own by myself and pink like that Aries.

Need no reassurance I know I look good I know I’m pretty I got here yes my forehead is big so fucking what Rihanna got a big-ass forehead.

Too and as she made me embrace my shit I’m very relaxed you know y’all see me fucking turnt up that’s why I’m not doing nothing hip-hop because all they do is portray me Rylan and I be chilling do anybody ever show me when I’m Gemma it no that’s why I’m about to make my own vlog make sure you got subscribe to my YouTube.

I’m a goal of every fucking day so that my YouTube subscribers could be licked all I care about is a template stream in a subscribe for my motherfucking YouTube channel it’s dark it’s fucking these fucking.

Part of the world but the thing about it is I hate talking about people so like somebody can write anything we can say your mother suck dick like that shit is not gonna make me mad because I can’t see you but when I do see you and I slap the shit out you don’t say oh she’s a bully oh oh she always OD oh she always.

Starting no bitch you said something to me first I don’t never ever ever speak on.

No female y’all never see me speak on a female unless they speak on me first I’ve never came in the game trying to get Klout off the next bitch I.

Never disrespected the next bitch for no reason like never ever and then ya say oh you you calm you pressure this you got.

Nope I’m not nothing but getting money and minding my business and staying black until our motherfucking down that’s it nothing have told me Andy we’re cool I’ve been cool with the same as the fucking Petri everybody that I’ve been friends with all my friends Gabi Sabrina Morgan.

Shantay like I got friends since fucking skinny.

Gardens since I was four years.

Oh rody one of my best friends since fourth grade like these bitches took him out we was the best of friends and I was crying saying a lot of fucker and I’ll try to get why when I cry – my sister Patterson my sister’s on tape why when I cried to Sabrina.

My day one bitch’s lot of fuck would I be crying to.

You and why would I be asked in just a bar without meta fat fuck ask is it stay with you because if I’m your friend you live in Miami of course on the exit pull up to your crib that’s that’s his everything well why would I beg you to stay any fucking way and no I’m not.

Drunk this is how I am when I’m fucking explaining some shit that aggravates my slippery it’s Sunday I go to church every Sunday shout out some booth check.

Auditory and you already know I go to church now like I’m a totally different person than I was six months ago I’ve never been to church a day in my life.

Because I really needed to speak to God about some certain things but at the end of the day it’s like certain things just really aggravate my spirit and now that I’m about to do my my youtubers shit I don’t give a fuck like y’all gonna see it boy you’re gonna hear it or y’all gonna really get to know me.

That loving hip-hop shit ain’t shit that shit wasn’t shit that she didn’t show my real life that she didn’t show my relationships that shouldn’t show my friends that shit and show.

My family and our parents nothing first it went from that bitch last year singing oh you don’t got nowhere to live you live in the hood you were bombed now I live in a condo oh you your condo is and they shut the fuck.

Up like when I see you I’m a slap the dog shit okay you already know that this ain’t no talking on the internet shit this ain’t no fucking trying to get clout or nothing like you know that when I see.

I’ma beat you up and then you want.

These bitches listen and shit they really want people to talk about them and to feel like they are important you are a non-factor in my life I.

Have a million other people I have to worry about I take care of my nephew like I take care of so many fucking people my little brother I’m trying to get him again I’m a situation he’s 16 and he’s rapping so it’s like I got so much things I’m.