There you go thank you very much it’s what I do alright guys so welcome to a new episode of movie night where I just watch a movie eat some popcorn and how do you feel about flaming hot cheetos I have not had them in a really long time and I’m really excited that you have them you know I.

Was feeling a little bit creative a little bit ago and I thought what have I crumbled up some hot cheetos and sprinkled them on my popcorn is that just disgusting yeah that’s gross.

I don’t like that so tonight we’re watching a movie somehow some way over the course of my 31 years of existence I have never watched predator 2 I’m actually blown away by that I.

Really am I love Arnold and predator it defined who I am it’s one of the reasons I ever went to the gym and this has.

Gary Busey and you love Point Break I do love Point Break more than I should and this came out the year before Point Break you’re right it did 1990 and so this is like you know this is Gary Busey it is in his prime I think subconsciously part of me always thought I loved predator so much how can I go from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Danny Glover I don’t know how.

I liked it with angels in the help field but he rescued some kids who are down and out and believed in angels he fought a predator okay he teamed up with Mel Gibson four times and got really old for this shit alright so predator 1 2 & 4 the treasurer’s editors would you ever watch that blu-ray um.

I would be I haven’t seen it since theaters really yeah me neither and so they hit 4k and it’s time to immerse I’m ready to eat some popcorn and.

Watch a movie I’ve never seen and I’m hoping it’s good cheesy fun and is there at least a line or two that’s reminiscent or on par with get to the chopper I mean it’s nowhere near as good okay but this is definitely a fun.

Guilty-pleasure film that you can pop in and enjoy like it’s definitely a movie you can just turn on while you’re doing something else and it it makes you feel good I want to feel good and I want to watch Gary Busey so with that said guys we will start the movie up and I’ll see you guys after with my thoughts and ah okay let’s its Gary Busey.

Time Paris Los Angeles 1997 it’s the hottest summer on record pollution is choking the city the gangs control the streets as bad as things are they’re about.

To get worse so now that you’ve seen predator – uh huh.

Yeah for the very first time yes what were your thoughts I think that was a fair sequel I think I think if you watched the original you would watch this and be mildly entertained and I thought you know what I think everyone’s the biggest question with the first movie was I want to know more about the predator and their culture and their civilization and this movie gives you a little bit of insight towards the end of it and it kind of has the the rural building yeah yeah I actually don’t I.

I don’t like I don’t know I don’t mind this movie like it’s it’s really not as bad as some people say it is I like it more than predators yes yeah well it doesn’t take much to beat that but Predators might be technically like a better.

Directed movie but like it’s just a rehash of predator like this is a completely different movie and I’ve always kind of respected it for that the.

Director of this film he directed I think Nightmare on Elm Street 5 but he did a pretty good John McTiernan impersonation as the director of this movie it has like a it’s like practical violence you know blood squibs and and you know like bullet holes are exploding.

All over cars and everything and Danny Glover’s grabbing people and screaming at them so it’s definitely a danny glover performance and danny glover is also doing a lot of the narration of the movie to.

Help carry the plot along yeah when he grabs the necklace is necklace yeah he’s like holding it yeah he’s necklace there’s a one scene in a bar where he’s just doing exposition for like 20 seconds herring the plot of the movie along but it’s it’s fine I you know I like Danny Glover in.

This movie like I never realized Danny Glover was that buff until this film yeah but it was a pretty good shape in the late eighties and nineties yeah he was so he plays like an.

Urban detective and you know we go from the the South American.

Jungle to the urban LA and the Predators killing gang members yeah and there’s some subplots with like a Jamaican gang who smokes a lot of weed Gary Busey works for like a federal agency who are you know hunting the predator as well yeah but as far.

As danny glover goes he definitely doesn’t have the charisma of arnold no no um and also i don’t think his character was written that well he’s he sort of just feels like a dude who’s there yeah no totally yeah weak characterization.

For sure not that the first predator was like you know some like shakespeare or something but it it had had enough like every character felt like there was something interesting.

Going on there were like you know cool confrontations happening like between car weathers and sports nigger this doesn’t have as much of the character but like it’s not as bad as some people make it out to be well it’s it’s not.

But it does have Bill Paxton he’s he’s a character he’s almost a cartoon character he’s the most obnoxious human being that you’ve ever seen in your life in this film I love it I do too well fuck Monroe good day speaking that yeah and if you haven’t seen predator 2 spoilers like a lot of people he came out almost 30 years ago yeah yeah a lot of people have said.

This but like this movie for Bill Paxton he had been up against a.

Terminator an alien and now a predator so he’s gone up against them all yeah yeah then then he goes up against Tom Cruise eventually in another sci-fi film oh.

Yeah just tomorrow love diary key edge of tomorrow whatever and True Lies yeah you’re right I love I love Bill Paxton and True Lies when he’s trying to sell.

The convertible yeah and then yeah anyway uh rest in peace Bill Paxton rest in peace asked like a ten-year-old boy but ladies had a few seconds ago this film transcends me back to a time where they just simply don’t make movies like this anymore you know.

Early 90s they go for it they hold nothing back rated our action films and it those are few and far between nowadays this.

Is a great midnight movie you know like the first predator is a legitimate film for me predator 2 is a midnight midnight movie like a when I was a kid would come on like ABC or something in the middle of the night edited obviously for content or and it has a lot of the funny parts cut out like the predator going blood are fucker like you know but come on pussy face you remove yeah but now that.

I can see that you know see.

It now and like the uncut because I used to watch like had like I had it edited on VHS from TV and I would watch that all the time so it’s nice for just watch like the.

Full bloody version because like have you ever see an edited movie when you were a kid oh yes yes or something unfortunately yeah yeah and then you watch the actual movie you’re like this is way better exactly yeah I feel like I did come across this a few.

Times and watched a few scenes but for some reason I hope maybe I always thought it was like.

A knockoff of predator okay like not a sequel when I was a dumb stupid kid I guess straight-to-dvd movies yeah so maybe my interest wasn’t invested in it well also it does kind of get a bad rap like it’s it’s certainly not hated but it’s it’s never really been all that.

Well revered yeah so I feel like it makes sense that you might think like well you love predator so I’m not gonna tarnish it by watching predator 2 yeah it doesn’t tarnish it doesn’t know it’s you can still totally enjoy predator I mean there’s like a long stretch for like 25 minutes during the second act where it’s kind of boring but then it starts to.

Pick back up pretty quick yeah it does it I like the climax especially because Gary Busey just.

Loses a shit he he basically gets melted he comes back from like he comes back as a zombie and he starts blasting away at the.

Predator then he gets chopped in half it was yeah and his death scene oh there’s a lot of there’s a lot of macho yelling like everyone’s always saving someone’s ass yeah like Gary Busey screaming he’s like is it my turn to save your ass this movie.

Is pure 1990 and a little weird things about 90s movies the way that they light them they light them like over lit movies and I like that the way the streets of LA were lit up at night you see all these like blue lights in the alleyways and in.

The windows and it just it’s how I would light a movie I mean based on how I like my living room just little things like that I like the way it looks yeah I do too I think I think it’s a it’s just a good like guilty pleasure style midnight movie like that’s where yes that’s where it exists for me it’s a.

Solid popcorn flick our you know flaming cheetos flick whatever you want to call it but i will say i mean you could probably put it up against half the action films that came out this year and.

It’d be better yeah it is better than skyscraper yeah I was actually thinking a skyscraper when Danny Glover was clearly dangling on wires going down a pipe in the at the end of this film getting too old for this shit I know I was thinking he actually played like an extension of that same character he did yeah this could have been just like a weird spin off with leaflet to Lethal Weapon except for that with the predator and that’s I was thinking yeah could you imagine if they replaced Danny.

Glover with you know I’m going to say Wayne Johnson not Dwayne Johnson Tom Cruise not Tom Cruise nope he wasn’t Lethal Weapon Mel Gibson imagine if Mel.

Gibson was the leader role in this movie yeah awesome that would.

Have been like a really good movie that would have be Kobe really cool but let’s be honest the only reason Danny Glover was in this movie is because Arnold said he didn’t want to be in the that is it that’s probably true so anyway yeah I finally watched predator 2 how do you enjoyed it does life feel complete no I’m happy.

I watched it and because you know in a few weeks we get the predator it comes out and did Shane black know right this no no no okay he was Hawkins in the first one and he said he’s.

Writing and directing the new one yeah I didn’t know if you wrote predator 2 at all okay so nobody in the first movie had anything to do.

With this but I don’t think so really no I don’t think so they’re the the girl from predator is on one of the computers TV screens in the van she was being interviewed and I guess she actually filmed like a whole interview sequence and all they.

Did was have it on a TV screen oh really yeah you you said this during the end of the movie you said this was like the first attempt at creating a xenomorph you see the xenomorph skull yeah and that was like a legitimate acknowledgement of the alien vs.

Predator lore or at least I’m not exactly sure when that started with if they’re the books of the comics were before this movie or after okay but but this is this was one of the first.

Times like in the cinematic realm that they were like oh yes that’s the thing it’s kind of like one of the first Easter eggs almost yeah and that’s all could you imagine being a hardcore fan of.

Like the Alien franchise and predator franchise back in 1990 watching this in the theater yeah that would have been that’s that’s like an MCU thing now yeah we’re like superheroes.

Are in other movies this was like blowing your mind so anyway guys that’s that’s our take on predator 2 I have you enjoyed it I did enjoy it I’m glad you got to see it a 4k for the first time – it did look pretty yeah.

That’s the best of coms overlooked by far it did and it was dirty and grainy which is how it should be that’s not glossy you know like everyone’s made out of wax so anyway guys thanks for watching make sure you check out Chris’s.

Channel link down below and as always guys leave your thoughts your opinions down below do you like predator 2 do you like I don’t know which.

Predator movie do you like best it’s probably the first one that’s the best but just.

Tell me your thoughts on predator 2 so I don’t feel all alone I’ll see you guys next time you.