Okay I’m Liza and I’m live on my timeline so um if anybody wants to jump on I will kind of like you know give it a couple seconds or know about a minute not a minute just couple seconds and then I will start because I learned so social much today it was crazy it was actually crazy pretty crazy.

Um yeah it was it was like totally crazy and I did not even start my online business all right I didn’t do anything yet I didn’t cool since Facebook groups I did not do anything all I was doing was jumping on live videos and do calls and just.

Following a lot of entrepreneurs so you know um I got some people on right now so right on okay so thanks you guys thanks guys for jumping on but okay so if you don’t know me let me kind of introduce myself all right my name is Julie Ann Rodriguez and you know I live in the state of Hawaii on the island of Maui okay and I am an entrepreneur I’ve been an entrepreneur for five years online all right and um.

You know I come out and I do live videos and the reason why I do live videos is because I want to send my message out there in social media and I also love helping people okay so myself and.

You know the entrepreneurs online we love helping other people succeed right we love to see other people have success and we love to see other people make money cuz that’s what it’s.

All about guys making money at the.

End of the day is about making.

Money and helping other people make money okay and bottom line that’s it.

Know I am promoting a wonderful wonderful wonderful.

Business and I just got introduced to another business that I am actually totally blown away okay totally blown away I don’t know if people um you know I don’t know if you folks heard about it but it’s called fearless mama and you know I it’s it’s like it’s this is like the new wave rate for 2019 where you literally don’t have to do anything and sales just start falling in I just got through a zoom call and you know we had hundred people on this Zucco hundred people.

The room just got filled really fast there was no spots available left okay and you know this guy was talking on the Zune call and I still came in just like that with he literally wasn’t doing anything okay anything.

So you’ve always need to think about this okay because um what’s happening is you know what I what I’m hearing okay and you know the entrepreneurs is all talking about it too you know we’re all talking about it that do you folks really think I mean I’m gonna ask.
A question now I have a lot of viewers viewers on here.

Okay so give me I’m one for yes or two for no but do you think in couple years or you know just years down the line that they will still be social security okay do you think that social security will be around especially for like you know these young people that you know whip is gonna retire or you know if you if you’re in your 40s and you’re gonna retire when your 60s that’s 20 years from now do you think you’ll be eligible for your Social.

Security I mean this anybody um.

Want to comment on that do you think.

That social secret what about you Abraham do you think that Social Security will still be on I mean will still be around you know if you think so give me one for yes and two for no because you know even retirement do you think that some people that work for so many years right and actually get terminated and they say that you do not qualify for your retirement after.

It’s leaving okay on a job for over twenty to thirty years all right so I guess nobody wants to talk nobody wants to conversate so let me answer that to me honestly no seriously no I don’t think we’re gonna have Social Security and I and I take retirement will be.

Gone too all right and this is why a lot of people like myself and you for should know because he falls are all on social media right before our Facebook you know evils come out on Facebook he falls post he fools pictures your family you know you Congress a with friends you you Congress a with family you know.

That’s what Facebook’s all about right but really really really think about this okay do you folks ever see in your facebook walls people making money online we we have so much people that is making money online because this is the new thing guys this is a new thing it’s making money online that’s what is.

Happening now people are like retiring okay we have a team.

Member that retired at Egypt I believe 27 years old she’s 27 years old and she retired off of this business really she retired off of this business and she’s 27 and she retired just.

By taking action just by being consistent and just by doing what she normally doing do every day and that’s what I do every day okay I.

Come out daily right every single day you folks see my face right I do I post a lot of light videos that I do.

Okay and you know I post it on all over the place I do a lot of work and I’m not going to details of what -.

I – on Facebook all right or on youtube or on Instagram or on Twitter or on Google+ wherever et cetera there’s a lot of platforms where you can put.

Your business in front oh okay so I’m but I’m not gonna go on go into details all I’m gonna say is that you know I do this for myself all right I do it from itself I don’t do it for no one else but me and my kids that’s about it that’s why I do it and that’s my wife right and my goals is yes my my goals is you know I have my goals I already you know I I.

Written to all my goals right and I look at it pretty much.

Every day I visualize what I want in life and I go after it and you.

People fear and online business because the first thing they’re seeing is that I’m gonna be wasting money is this a scam right I don’t know how to mark it you know um I don’t have enough money to get started or whatever your reason is all right but you know if you just push that fear of sight and just jump.

In you know you will never know until you jump in and get started and I’m not saying you know get started with me get started with whoever you know whatever business that you know you’re interested in okay whatever business you’re interested in you know get started because right now you know everyone is jumping into our.

Business literally everyone is just jumping to our business I just posted something on my wall and if you’re my friend you I think you would have.