Hello my name is Richard Kent and today I want to tell you that unlike what you may have been taught at university or school planet Earth was never molten most of our children school children are taught the planet Earth was molten it definitely was not molten so I want to take you through what the Scriptures actually say in.

Genesis 1 this is what we read I won’t go through the whole a bit but it says the Spirit of God moved over the.
Face of the waters that’s Genesis 1 verse 2.

The Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters so there we have beginning of creation and right now 2/3.
Of planet Earth is covered in water but when the earth was first.

Formed the entire planet was covered in water and the Holy Spirit hovered over the face of.

The waters and we know who did it his name is Jesus Christ we’re told in John 3 verse sorry John 1 verse 3 all things were created by him.

Without him nothing was made that was made right we’re also it also confirms in 2 Peter 3 verse 5 it says the the.

Heavens were of old and the earth was standing out of the water and in the water now there’s no mention of steam there there’s mention of water and water boils as you know when you when you heat up your kettle water boils right now we have to contend with atheistic teaching about a Big Bang supposed to the thirteen point seven five billion years ago and what they teach is that four and a half billion years ago this planet was molten and it down I’m not quite sure.

How they think it cooled down but anyway that’s what they teach and the first oceans appeared on planet earth 3.

Billion years ago all of that is complete garbage and I’m delighted to show you why there is a figment of the imagination it’s a molten planet earth and if there had been any water covering that molten planet Earth.
It would have been steam that’s not what the scriptures say.

So I want to introduce you to a little book which I have at home which you can still buy online.

Is called creations tiny mystery by Robert Gentry very interesting book and there is a picture of Robert Gentry bottom left and he has done a study of igneous rocks and grew on other words granite.

All over planet Earth and it says that if you look at granite under a microscope you can very clearly see what are called halos polonium halos bottom right there you can see a halo so I want to explain to you there’s a there’s a close-up of the halo which I’m talking about now let me describe to you what polonium is it’s a.
Radioactive element which doesn’t last very long and that comes.

In different forms but the longest it can last for is about a year the short shortest time it lasts for is about five seconds but as the radioactive polonium decays into another element it gives off radioactivity which you can see there as.

What’s called a polonium halo and that is found in granite all over planet Earth now let me describe polonium it has what’s called a half-life they’re the various radioactive elements and polonium has a half-life of 138 days that’s one of the radioactive forms after 138 days half.

The Palladium will have disappeared and to enter another element now let’s make it simple for you imagine a glass of water and you put an alka-seltzer in.