Hey guys so today I have my empty these are things I used up in April yeah it’s April like 28 I think today um so yeah let me get started however I think that I forgot to laughter I did my empties last month I think that I forgot to dump the bag to go like I usually go through.

And sort and recycle and trash and.

Whatever I think I forgot to do that um so if I can remember that I reviewed something last month I won’t review it again if I forget I’m sorry if the video is weird and choppy it’s probably me cutting out things that I remember during editing um yeah so apologies if the video is really weird that’s.

Not that uncommon for me though okay let’s get started Josie Maran bare naked wipes um I want these to work and I don’t think these are I think these have been discontinued and I’m not I’m not certain about that but I think so I need a.

Product like this and I have used the is it la.

Fresh I think the little eco beauty wipes the oil ones I need some oil-based wipes because the one thing I love removing my makeup with oil the hardest thing I’ve kind of run into is traveling and I have found workaround so I do have some.

Products that travel well in blah blah blah but I would really love to have like an oil wipe I think I just need to repurchase some of those la fresh wipes I had so many makeup wipes I hadn’t been wanting to repurchase anything but I think I’m ready I just need to pick some of those up.

For traveling because that’s the best way for me to get my makeup off nothing else seems to like work as well and yeah but I let mine dry out before I get to.

I don’t know if I let them dry out or they didn’t have enough product on them but they were too dry for me not.

Something I would repurchase if they were still available lush beary beary Christmas all.

Right lush get it together this was just to me oh man.

I just got that on me this was supposed to be berry berry Christmas now let’s talk about the description here festive cranberry infusion and antioxidant blueberry make for succulent fruity lathers this smelled like neither cranberry nor blueberry it’s not like kind of a man’s cologne maybe is I love lush but I just can’t I’ve did I whined about their descriptions before I’m just whatever okay this is Chloe love story I’ve really really enjoyed this my thoughts on it where I wasn’t sure how it smelled.

On me however but straight out of the bottle I absolutely love this but I don’t remember like after wearing.
It I’m like I didn’t really remember like feeling like.

Damn like that mmm I smell good today and that’s what I like I like to get that with throughout the day like not all day long you know but that one little with like maybe you’re starting to.

Get warm or that wind blows a certain way and you’re like yeah I smell really good um I didn’t get that from that but I really loved it out of the bottle and I really loved Chloe other Chloe perfumes so.

And blah blah blah blah blah aqua deep harm me aqua deep are me maybe um this huh this was a nostalgic to me this smelled like my mom in the 90s I think there was like a Victoria’s Secret perfume that she used to wear or.