Hey there beauty and beauty is welcome back to holistic YYC my name is Jana thank you very much for being here and I’m here to help you live a kick-ass healthy life naturally so today we are talking shampoo bars now I have been using these products for just over a year now and I got to tell you they.

Are freaking amazing I have very dry and fine hair naturally and I found that not only were they very very hydrating they really gave my hair a lot of.

Protection from any heat now I’m on a no heat hair challenge for the last 4 months right now but I’ve noticed a huge improvement and in the condition of my hair and thanks to these bars I found that I have no desire to go back to any other kind of a shampoo bar which I’ve tried a few in the past lush and I’ve also tried just some of the natural shampoo and conditioner bottles which still they were loaded with a.

Whole bunch of stuff in there that really was not necessary unwrapped life is a.

Local calgary company and i am just thankful for them i purchased a few different kinds of products from them between their sustainable metal straws and i also use their soap which i’ll do a review on in another.

Video there’s a few different soaps out there that are really awesome but i just wanted to support the local community here is a product that I would suggest now they have a huge line of different kind of shampoo and cashner bars that’s all color safe it’s vegan it’s cruelty free gluten free toxin free.

They are sustainable they are local they are the basically just in a nutshell they are the they only sent their products with a hundred percent pure essential oils bonus for that and so let’s get right into it their packaging.

Comes as so so I use the hydrator the other one that I really love.

Is called the balancer I’ll leave a couple links below towards these products as well as the full ingredient list and so when you get the package in the mail this is the shampoo bar this is the conditioner bar I’ve probably purchased I think this is my third round I know just over a year.

And so my hair is just right just right below my armpit right above my boobs these things last forever and they range in price by a couple bucks but I got two of these so I got the shampoo and the conditioner for about $32 I think and then a few times via maybe sweet-ass sales that go on for like 50% off so I’m okay with that especially when I was spending like over a hundred.

And twenty dollars on this amazing shampoo and conditioner line that was it was okay but it did not compare at all to this stuff so does it work does it sense how do you use it if you’ve never used a shampoo bar before and I’m a little iffy forget about it let’s go to the bathroom come shower with me and I’ll show you a house said see that baby.

Gets okay let’s go we’re out of the shower and this is how soft your hair is and.

How manageable your hair is after using the.

Shampoo and conditioner bars brush you can see no tangles whatsoever freaking fantastisch.
Okay so I will see you when my hair is dry I’m not gonna add.

Anything into my hair so you can see exactly how it dries and normally my hair would be pretty frizzy pretty like try to look for any kind of moisture in the air but I will see you in.