Hey everyone so today I’m going to be doing an empties video for you guys these are my July empties I know I’m getting it up so you guys a little bit late this month but I’m still wanted to share with you I wanted to do it this month instead of collecting a whole bunch more items and doing it.

Next month so I have a decent amount of skincare I only have.

Few declutter makeup items but yeah so I thought that I would go ahead and share this with you let’s start off with the two what make up the clutter items that.

I have the first one is by covergirl and this is in the color silver lilac it doesn’t really show up very well I tried it with my fingers and with a brush in it just I don’t know it looks like I didn’t really put anything on my eyes and I don’t know for me.

It’s just not worth keeping it I don’t use single shadows very often anyway and if it’s not gonna show up then.

I’m not gonna bother next item that I have in here I’m a little bit bummed out about this cuz I wanted to like this and I just just don’t this is the Marc Jacobs high liner gel crayon in black travel sized one and it is really nice and black and pigmented and I feel.

Like it stays on the lids really well like it doesn’t smear once it sets it’s like pretty waterproof and everything for just an everyday average wear but the problem.

With this is that when I apply it it takes me forever and it kind of drags across my lids and then if I’m wearing an eyeshadow and I put this on top of the eyeshadow it almost like gets this pencil or whatever covered in the eyeshadow.

And and it doesn’t apply anymore I don’t know the application of this is just really really bad in my opinion so I just couldn’t force myself to use it up I had wanted to I had put.

It in my project pan but I have so many eyeliners I just kind of feel like why am I putting myself through that so I don’t like this one I don’t recommend it.

So now we’re gonna go into hair care and we have two things the first thing I haven’t here is the Garnier Fructis style slick and shiny anti humidity soothing milk and this was okay I don’t know if I would purchase this I think this is my second container that I have purchased of this but I don’t know.

I kind of prefer at this point just to use my leave-in conditioners I feel like those work pretty well and I have been.

Just starting to use them like a little bit of oils in my hair for helping with frizz and stuff I just feel like I don’t know I just prefer those I mean this is still.
A good product I obviously this is my.

Second time purchasing it but I don’t know I’m pretty simple with my hair products that I use so I just feel.

Like I don’t need this yeah so I probably would purchase it but it is a good product if you want to try it out okay so this one that’s actually been same brand this is.

The Garnier Fructis soothing.

Treat one-minute hair masque this is in this is the lungs avocado so that’s what the foil packet looks like I actually got this from pinch-me as a sample and I used it like two times and they used them both as like a conditioner but left it in for a little longer and I kind of feel like I.

Should have used whole thing if I was really going to use it at hair mask because it says you.