Hi everyone today I have an empties video for you I do empties usually every few months or so or when there get just gets to be too much and it’s too overwhelming and I have to get through it now if you’ve never seen an empties video before basically it’s where I go through my empty products and tell you.

Today I’m going to have to be a little bit quicker than normal because I have to leave in about 45.
My parents from the airport but I was trying to take advantage of.

The extra time that I had this morning to get some videos recorded for you so we’re gonna try to get through this before I have to leave also it’s going to be 100 degrees today so it’s already very hot and humid just going to get more so so just keep that in mind and the lights just add to the heat but I will do the.

Best that I can for you because of the time factor I.

Didn’t have time to go through and separate everything by category so we’re just gonna dive into the bag and go through it in no particular order but now let’s just jump right into the empties starting off with.

This yes – coconut face mask I found this hard to fit on my face it was not quite the right size for my face it did give a light tingling feeling and it definitely has a very fake coconut smell to it so not like a coconut oil or an actual coconut wood but.

Very fake smelling coconut and I’m someone who loves coconut but this was even a little bit intense for me after taking it off parts of my face felt a little bit sticky and unfortunately I did have a breakout the next day and well I can’t say it was definitely from this it’s the only new thing I had used at the time so I don’t know.

If it could cause breakout that quickly or if that was just from something else but that was my experience with it and that is not one.

That I would get or use again next up here is an EOS shave cream in the color lavender jasmine.

This has become my favorite shaving product I currently right now I’m using a skintimate and that just isn’t a favorite of mine anymore I prefer this it comes out as a cream as it says as.

Opposed to like a foam and it’s much more moisturizing and I just prefer it for shaving this is.

The elf hydrating water sheet mask it’s okay as masks go I wouldn’t say there’s anything really negative about it it does give some pretty good moisturization but it’s.

Not that one that I would run out to purchase I used up the lush sleepy body lotion and I really really like this lotion and will purchase another one next time I am at lush this is their lavender.

Body lotion and it’s just a very nice calming scent you can use it at night before you go to bed I tended to use it then but I also use it at other times but definitely check this out next time you are in lush I highly recommend it another lotion I really enjoyed this.

Was a zoella product and it was the snow smooth body butter and I really liked the formula of this it had a nice scent to it this was part of her winter kind of Christmas collection so unfortunately I.

Don’t know if this is one that you can get anymore I think it was a.

Limited edition just around Christmas time but I did really like it I like a lot of zoella products and even if you can’t get this one I would recommend you check out her other products if you’re looking for a good lotion I would recommend the Sweet Inspirations one.

Or the body souffle it’s part of her pomegranate line I’m blanking out on the name but I will link it down below for you used up a sunscreen this is the Banana Boat dry balance sunscreen and SPF 50 I’m currently using a Hawaiian Tropic sunscreen and I would say I probably like them both pretty equally they both smell good they both work good as far as sun protection and the only thing about this one.

Is it’s definitely more matte and less that’s what the Hawaiian Tropic is really greasy but this one is definitely there non-greasy so if you’re looking for a good non-greasy sunscreen check this one out used up a deodorant this was the secret vah vanilla in their gel formula and I really do like the secret clear gel but.

I’ve currently been trying a natural deodorant I kind of just wanted to see what it was like see if it would work for me so if you would like to know more about that I could do a whole video on that or I can just tell.

It ends up in my empty so let me know what you would like me to do used up a shower gel now for some.

Reading that takes me a very long time to go through shower gels and I promise you that I do shower and do bathe and clean myself but I think it’s because I alternate products a lot of the time and it’s just me using them so it does take quite a long time to get.

Through them but this was bath and Bodyworks iced coconut colada shower gel I do like the bath and Bodyworks shower gels they give a nice lather they always have a nice scent and I did like this.
Of a summery tropical scent I don’t know.

If they still have this scent but there’s many other good summer scents out right now if you’re looking for that another thing.

That takes me a long time to go through shampoo but this was a sample size of the dove regenerative nourishment it.

Says for damaged and over-processed hair so this I wouldn’t say.

There’s any real negatives to this I didn’t find it weren’t badly or anything but there are definitely other shampoos that I prefer so I would not repurchase this one do we really even need to talk about this it’s in every single empties probably my mostly purchased product ever.

Used up a toothpaste this is a sample size of the Colgate sensitive complete protection often when we run out of our.

Big sized toothpaste I go to samples until we buy another.

Large sized toothpaste but I also alternate between kind of a regular toothpaste and a sensitive toothpaste because I do have sensitive teeth so when I’m starting to feel that sensitivity I trade it out for sensitive toothpaste this is a mascara this was also a sample size and.

This is the Marc Jacobs Velvet noir major volume mascara and I.

Agree that it does give really good volume I did like it although sometimes it would get a.

Little too much product on there and be a little bit clumpy because it’s a higher-end one and there are other higher and ones that I prefer I probably wouldn’t purchase this again myself this is a drunk elephant product and it’s their bee Hydra intensive hydration gel and I did get this in one of their kits around Christmastime and it is really nice for hydrating but probably wouldn’t.

Get it again myself for hydrating because.

I tend to prefer other products over this one there’s products from belief that I prefer as well as a Peter Thomas Roth I think.

It was a cloud cream I tried and those were both more moisturizing than this was I am currently using some other drunk elephant products I do like the.

It’s just very expensive but if I find any standout must-haves I will let you know used up a brow gel this is the Rimmel brow this way brow gel and medium brown I do like this as far as a drugstore brow gel I’m currently using a different one.

Because I couldn’t find this one when I went to purchase it the last time and I would get it again but I’m a book to try some other ones out as well and see if I like those better oh another drunk elephant product just came in the same sample kit this is their Umbra sheer physical daily defense.

SPF 30 sunscreen has 20% zinc oxide this is a good daily sunscreen I believe it’s a physical not a chemical but I will verify that and let you know in the description box and the only thing about it is it is very white it does go on very white and I found it a little bit harder to absorb into the skin and while it’s a product that.

I would use again if it was in a kit or something like that I do still prefer the Josie Maran over this one I have a few nail empties now while.

Completely empty they’ve just gone bad and I need to get rid of them so the first is a topcoat it’s.

The formula X shine XL topcoat and I really liked this topcoat but I’m pretty sure that Sephora got rid of the formula X line so I don’t think this.

Is one that could be purchased again but when I find another topcoat that I like as much I will let you know.

Little sad to empty this one because it was one of my.

Favorite nail polishes and once I clear out and use up some more of my nail polishes I may go and purchase this one again because it’s also a really great summer color it’s from Orly and it is their beach cruiser color very pretty hot pink loved wearing it in the summer.

And as I said right now I have too many nail polishes but if I can get through some I.

Again used up another of the Urban Decay Naked skin color correctors and the peach color already have been using another one and will continue to purchase it because it’s the best thing I found in conjunction with my concealer to really cover up those dark under eye circles this is an eye cream it’s from CeraVe and it just says eye Repair Cream I liked this as far as drugstore eye.

Creams go but I am currently using other eye creams that I like better so if I need an affordable eye cream again I would get this one but right now there are others that I.

Prefer it does say this reduces the look of dark circles and puffiness helps repair and restore protective skin barrier with ceramides and hyaluronic acid but I’m not sure if it really took care of my dark circles I have some others that are doing that better right this is a highlighter that I used up.

It’s from jelly pong pong and it’s their liquid gossamer and it was a liquid Luminizer I just mainly used it as a highlight on my cheekbones I liked it probably not one I would purchase again myself because while.

I liked it while using it I find other highlighter formulas easier to work with another lotion here seems to be one of the products I use the most of but this is a body shop lotion it is there oh gosh.

It’s so squeezed together as I was trying to get everything out of it that it can’t even read what it says but I believe it’s their hemp lotion let me see yeah this is their hemp lotion I will link it below as I do all the products this is not the greatest.

Smelling lotion but it is amazing for moisturization and as you can see I don’t love the packaging because it is kind of hard to squeeze everything out of it after you’ve gone through some of it so I don’t.

Love this packaging of it I.

Wish it came in different packaging but I do really like the formula here’s another night moisturizer it’s also from CeraVe and it’s their skin renewing night cream and I did like this one I.

B because it makes skincare affordable at the drugstore and yeah it’s also really good quality products oh I didn’t realize I had so much drunk elephant in this empties so this is their best jelly cleanser and I did like this climbs are as I was using it again don’t necessarily love the packaging because it was hard to get enough out without getting too.

Much out and then in this little hole up here a little bit of product would get stuck as some of it apparently was because it just came out all over my hand but yes so don’t love that packaging a good cleanser a lot to spend on the cleanser in my opinion and.

I prefer my daily cleanser that I use over.

This one more zoella lotions this is her wonder hand cream and this is her original first line and the I guess the original scent and like this lotion like the scent but it’s not my favorite scent of.

Her she’s come out with other scents that I like better so again I said.

I like the Sweet Inspirations the jelly and gelato line so what it’s called body pudding it finally just.

Came back to me but yes so check out her products as I said nice and affordable if you like a little bit stronger sense this is a good one to check out and I just like her products okay we’re almost done here I think I’m getting through this pretty quickly which is good the last few products are samples so.

This was the SK 2 facial treatment essence this is basically a toner a lot of people on YouTube have been raving about this lately I did like it I can’t say yet whether I saw significant results in my skin because I feel.

Like I need more of the product to use more consistently to really see if there are results but again it’s an expensive skin care product I wish that skincare wasn’t.

So expensive sometimes but if you’ve had good luck with this let me know in the comments down below this I got in the.

Sephora box this is the cosmetics confidence and a cream anti-aging regenerative concentrate transforming moisturizing super cream and I hadn’t tried too many products from it cosmetics but I have to say I’ve been trying a little bit more lately through samples and I’ve really been liking the things that I’ve been trying including this moisturizer it’s not too heavy it definitely does a good job of moisturizing the skin now I only use it at night but this is definitely one that I would look into getting in the future I don’t know the cost I will put.

It in the description as I said but it’s definitely one that I like and might splurge for.

If it’s not too expensive oh okay so I misspoke earlier I said it was a Peter Thomas Roth product that I liked from oyster izing but it’s actually in.

This empties and it’s a perricone md product and it’s their hydrating cloud cream so I misspoke earlier luckily the sample was in here but I also really liked this product for moisturizing well it was a small sample I could already see that.

It was giving good results perricone md again expensive skincare brand and sometimes i just can’t justify to myself to spend that much money I know skincare is important and I’m willing to spend a little bit more money on that than I am same makeup or other things but sometimes thinking about all the products that you need for a skincare routine and then getting into higher-end products and.

There’s no guaranteed results sometimes it can be a overwhelming plus sometimes it can just hurt your wallet a little bit so that can be a tough thing those are all the products that I emptied this time around I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments be sure to give this video a thumbs up if you love empties videos don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification bell I.

Hope that you’re keeping cool wherever you are it’s a little bit tough for us here because we don’t have central air conditioning so when it’s hot outside our house gets hot as well so I hope that wherever you are in the country or the world you.

Are managing to keep cool and comfortable thank you so much for watching I hope you have an amazing day and I’ll see you.