Hey guys welcome back to my channel I’m Sneha and today I’m sharing my product empties from the last eight months I’ll also be doing a mini review for each product and also letting you guys know if I would repurchase that product or not I have a ton of product so let’s get started so starting with the body lotion.

That I have loved this is from the body shop and this is in the scent british rose I absolutely.

Love the scent and I will be repurchasing this this is the tower as you can see it’s clearly used up this is a really nice moisturizer I used it constantly on my body and also on my hands mostly so this is definitely.

Would repurchase continuing on with skincare I have used up a pack of the Shiseido facial Cotton’s and.

If you guys have seen my favorites video you guys know that I absolutely love these cotton pads so this is something I’ve purchased for many years and I think I will continue to I still haven’t searched for a store here in the UK they sell this but I used.

To buy this from Sephora so highly recommend this product.

If you haven’t tried it yet I’ve used up two toners facial toners this first one is by Murad and this is the clarifying toner which is meant for oily skin it just goes on really nicely on the skin it feels very cooling and refreshing and.

It does take out all the excess oil or gunk that you may have on your skin this is great at toning your face after your cleanser I loved using this especially in the warmer months but I find this a little too drying for winter so that’s.

When I use the second toner that I’m going to talk about but this is something I will consider repurchasing.

The second cleanser that’s not as harsh as the Murad one is this by the body shop it’s their tea.

Tree skin clearing mattifying toner and this usually has two layers so.

Most of the liquid is right here but you also have some.

Powdery bits at the bottom so you make sure that you shake it up really well before using but this is really good for you know just a gentle toner it still.

Feels refreshing you get the beautiful scent of tea tree oil but it’s not overbearing it’s quite sucky and frankly I can use this.

Year long it’s just perfect for my skin so I really enjoy using this next is a high-end cleanser which I absolutely love this is by the brand pharmacy and it’s called the green clean makeup.

To a cleansing balm absolutely amazing this was so luxurious and felt great every time you would use it.

To take off the makeup so this is the inside it.

Seems clearly you stuff can’t smell it much though but I remember it smells divine when you put it on the face it just.

Felt very humble and very spa-like I would say so.

Just take a little bit scoop it out with the spoon or spatula that comes with it just take it on your hands and warm it up and then just Pat it on your face and massage it to melt away any makeup and this was good enough for my skin to take off all traces.

Of makeup including mascara and eyeliner.

And stuff so highly recommend this and I will consider repurchasing it if it comes on sale but not buying this powerful price moving on to moisturizers I finished one of my own release this is the emulsion Hydra mat which is meant more for oily and combination skin types it’s a very lightweight moisturizer that gets quickly.

Backups for this so I will be continuing to use this and you will see them in future empties videos but I do like.

This as a lightweight moisturizer and the warm up and so in winter this is not hydrating enough for me so I use the next.

Moisturizer that I’m going to talk about by.

The same brand but this is something.

I really enjoy in summer and spring months next you guys know I love on release lay cream concentrate so this is another empty container I already have a backup and it’s in use so this is much-loved and it’s.

Something I definitely recommend for all skin types so if you haven’t tried it give it.

A shot and let me know if you guys like it as well it’s just a really good moisturizer especially in these drier months when.

The heater is on in the house I really enjoy.

Using this because certain parts of my face tends to feel dry although it doesn’t look dry it feels dry but once I put this on it just stays hydrated all throughout the day so I would highly recommend this as well next is a facial oil this is the first Sally Rose fall elixir and I really enjoy using this I’m on to my second bottle I think I’m.

Halfway done with it but I love using this at night over my serums and moisturizers just as a final layer especially in winter when it’s so dry in the house this again has two layers so so you have the gold flakes in this and then of course the oil portion so make sure you shake it really well and that which the gold flakes are.

Then use this dropper to get a few drops and then just massage it over your skin that’s how I like to use it it seems to really brighten up my.

Skin and you know really help with fading away my.

Acne scars so that’s the benefits I have seen and of course it’s hydrating when you put it on my skin is not as try the next day when I wake up compared to days that I don’t use an oil.

So that’s an added bonus are using this oil and it smells amazing if you like citrus scents you’re going to love this I would recommend this product for sure next moving on to the eye cream that I’ve used last year this is by origins this is the ginseng eye cream and I’ve used these in the last few years and I still enjoy using them and it’s helped me debuff my under-eye area keep it.

Hydrated I feel that it also helps keep my under eyes or dark under eyes in check if that makes sense.

So I’ve really enjoyed using this the last few years and I will consider repurchasing it when I’m out of my current eye cream next.

I’ve also finished up one of the tea tree oil bottles from the body shop this is something I always have in stock with me because I love using this for any time I have spots so this guy right here definitely got this last night so this product is definitely something I always repurchase self I would highly recommend this if you have acne and you don’t want to use anything.

Or salicylic acid this is a more natural and more subtle way of killing the blemish so I just take some on my.