Hi everybody welcome back to my channel if you’re new my name is Elena and on my last video I mentioned why I was m.a but basically being in my eye now I have six months worth of beauty products to go through empty beauty products and I’m not gonna waste any more time in the introduction this video is probably.

Already gonna be like 20 minutes long so let’s get started the first two things I have are deodorant I’m.
Surprised I only have two I’m sure I must have thrown.

Some away the first one is dove I always use stuff and then the other one is Tom’s I got this in my stocking and it is supposed to be a more of a natural deodorant it’s got tea tree in it no aluminum this is not empty but it is an empty Spile because I cannot wear this without sweating like a pink so I’m gonna go back to DA those are my new roots I only have one toothpaste because I.

Usually use the same toothpaste and I will be boring to talk about the same thing over and over again this one I stopped outside of my comfort zone and I used all the way so this is why it’s in the empties video this is the dr. Bronner’s peppermint all-in-one toothpaste well not repurchase this because I did not like it I feel like it.

Had a weird texture and there’s no whitening properties which I’m all about the whitening properties then let’s move on to perfume because that’s the next smallest category I have a miniature Chloe perfume which I went through so quickly and then I have a Burberry body and the ounces is this one too I.

1 fluid ounces I’ve had this for a while but the cap is a little bit funky I honestly would repurchase both of these and if you can hear weird rustling noise in the background that’s my time then for makeup I think I only have two makeup items I have the Neutrogena.

Hydraboost hydrating tent hyaluronic acid this was an a favorites video I again have a new favorites favorite foundation because I’m always looking for a better foundation.

I want my skin to look smooth and natural and I want to be lightweight.

Full coverage it’s a little bit complicated to get everything that you want in one tiny little bottle for a drugstore price but you can do it the next thing is the voluminous slash paradise waterproof by L’Oreal everybody has been talking about this and I love it it’s definitely worth.

The height it’s what I have on right now I have repurchased will repurchase again the next three things our masks I have the enlight super face.

Clay time purifying deep cleansing treatment mask this is a mud mask I got it from CVS actually my mom got it what not repurchase because it’s just a little bit too intense and a little bit too drying it’s very hard to take off but it does make your skin feel beautiful and you do just scrub it all off the next two are by.
Formula ten point zero point six actually the next three.

I know that I have another one over here I have the be very smooth moisturizing keel mask love appeal mask then I have a be very awake energizing peel mask again love appeal mask all three of these I would repurchase because I.

Love this brand so much you can get it at the drugstore and it works and then the third thing that I already have.