Hi thank you so much for coming back to my channel so I just want to quickly talk to you guys about a product trying on gel that I’ve been using on my skin for the last two months basically tell you what I’m using it for whether or not I think it works and whether or not I think if.

You are prescribed it you should try it so if you want to learn more keep watching ok so I’ll quickly just show you guys the package this is the Trent no enjoy you’re probably.

Not gonna be able to really see it because of the ring light there we go so it’s a baby blue writing.05% so basically I went to the dermatologist and I was telling her about all these little whiteheads that I have let’s see if you guys could see it boom so you.

Guys can see all the little whiteheads in my chin and then I also have some of the bumps on my nose and I was just like ok.

I tried every mask clay peel wolf mask cleanser acid toner that is available on the market and nothing has gotten these out so basically she was she saying is.

That these are like cystic under the skin kind of whiteheads and not on the top so the pimple popper situation all that stuff will not work that I need some kind of product or the acid to get down in there break through the layers of my skin let.

All that gunk out and then apparently the bumps are supposed to go away so I’ve.

Been using it for about two months I started at the end of August it’s now kind of mid-october so I’m probably like a month and a half and I’m not seeing any results so the way it’s supposed to use it is that.

You put it with your moisturizer and then you mix like you take a pea-sized amount and then you take the pea-sized.

Amount you would normally use for your moisturizer and mix it together in your hand rub it on your face so and you do a 2 to 3 nights a week I’ve been doing that I.

Have seen no results as you can see in the video earlier I just showed you all the way heads are still there so it’s like it has not worked really for me at all so it’s kind of really upsetting cuz when you go to the dermatologist it’s like I expect results at some point.

So I am gonna have a follow-up appointment soon but when I was on the internet researching about Trenton oh I think that’s how you say it right.
No we’re gonna go with that.

Trenton on gel I could not really.

Find any like resources about other people talking about it and um I know at first she was saying that she wanted me to take a retinol and then we kind of decided on this so I feel like it’s supposed.

To be similar to a retinol but most people just use like over-the-counter retinol.

Products so I think that might be the next thing I kind of talk to her about and try to see if maybe that would be more helpful or.

Like do I need to do like some kind of manual technique that would like get down into those layers of skin because at this point it’s really annoying I mean I can survive with.

Whiteheads in my chin but I’d rather not so I’m really on this journey with my dermatologist to try to make sure I my best impossible I can’t come on YouTube and pray preach like take care of your skin don’t just wear makeup and then in the meantime I have all these different skin situations going on so for those of you who maybe your doctor has prescribed the.

Try known gel I mean try it because it might work for you everybody has a different skin but my experience has been not successful and I’m hoping to move on to something that is going to actually work for me so thank you so much for coming back to my channel and watching my review on Trentino and gel like I said this.

Is something prescribed by the doctor so I’m not really sure how much leeway you might have to like now.

I’m not doing it but definitely talk with.

Them about it about whether or not the results are going to be good and how you can kind of manage your expectations and.

Maybe move on if this product doesn’t work for you so thank you so much for watching please subscribe and see you soon.