Hi everyone I’m Lila bad I’m a bad bitch tell my fellow passages what’s up if you new here please take the time like and subscribe I’m back in the shower and I got Dollar Tree Hawk we all this is a different kind of Dollar Tree haul it’s in the shower and I’m gonna be going through everything that I.

Bought and I’m going to use them right in front of your eyes and review them.

At the same time so if you’d like to see that then stay tuned so the first thing I got tools for my back my back scrubber or foot.

Scrubber and a loofah I really don’t like to use mullahs but I thought this was super cute it.

Has gold embellishments like intertwine inside of the luca’s oh yeah and it’s cute and red so super puffy so the first thing I.

Want to try is this daily defense coconut oil moisturizing shampoo I let’s get started if it really smells like coconuts well it’s nothing I’m pretty good I just don’t like the smell as you can see it says up pretty good I think I put too much alright let me rinse this off I’m checking the feet if.
It says clarifying because it feels like it’s just.

Of moisture it feels hard that’s what it feels like right now I feel like you’ve stripped away the moisture I.

Wish you could I wish you could feel it I haven’t felt this I don’t know it I just feel like it stripped away it does crunchy let me know in the comments below if I use this product and it made your hair feel like that thing I’m gonna try is this pure silk commissioner tea tree oil and mix ok it looks super like light and runny it’s runny I feel like Commissioner that are running it they’re.

Not like very conditioning it’s not very mediciney it’s for more moisturizing help strengthen and provide balance to your hair it says new right there a happy you the more I don’t.

Feel like it’s doing anything it kind of did I’m the cool it took away that crunchy feeling.

Is they take away the crunchy feeling I don’t like the smell it’s how it’s not very mediciney if you like that kind of smells and that might be for you if you don’t have curly hair like I do this might be for you if you have hair that is very moisturized already that might be for you but I feel like my hair needs a deep deep moisturizing treatment I got that Joey.

This is this is a new that fruit boost two times revitalizing shower gel this is in the flavor citrus citrus splash it’s like a light green clear color light green Claire it smells like citrus I like that all right the loofah is like.

Really sets up really really well I like that the next product I got is this feminine wash now I’ve always been scared to use our treat them feminine anything tampons have anything from Dollar Tree but it says compared to summer’s eve it’s from a third a third I don’t know what brand that is.

I’ve never heard of that brand but it’s hypoallergenic and soap free so that’s good all right though I’m gonna try knit.

Now by the way it comes out clear and it doesn’t have a smell I really don’t.

Like for my feminine Russians to have tips because I feel like your vagina should smell like anything it should have your own it should smell like its own bangs its own since if you will I don’t like my vagina that’s not like flowers or anything like that because I feel like that’s just some irritate my vagina that make sense all right so it says I’m out pretty good that.

Scares me because it’s not supposed to have scope all right I’ll be back it still says enough I already rinsed it out quite all right I’m gonna use this for my back and the bottom of my feet oh the hurt yeah that is a painful.

And brush up psycho a wire brush feels like a wire brush hurts how it’s good for the bottom of your feet before your back yeah her that’ll.

Really exfoliate your ass literally last thing I have are these two conditioners okay so this one is still on selective frizz control leave-in with argan oil from Morocco and this one is salon selective’s instant repair leaving conditioner with Brazilian keratin oil it’s been raining here lately so I think.

I’m gonna use the frizz control and with the leave-in conditioner you just put it on and leave it in I think by the way that silk.

Conditioner the tea tree oil mint conditioner didn’t do much yeah it didn’t do it look so tangled so that’s a no for me I’m gonna try this fridge control leave in and see what happens this is what it looked like Nick it’s not super thick and thick but it’s not as runny at that conditioner and.

I use about that much so this is a leave it oh that’s not good I like that oh I like that smells real good when I use leave-in conditioners I like to rinse them out a little bit not too much because I add mousse and gel sometimes to my hair and I feel like.
That’s just too much product on my hair so I rinse it out a little bit.

And I already rinsed it out a little bit and look just like magic all right so non-selective do not sleep on salon select it for a dollar it’s a pretty good deal this took over the smell of my hair I’m so glad that it did because a tea.

Tree oil it’ll crap what’s right all right all right I hope you liked this video if you did please give it a thumbs up if you’re new here if you like anything I said or did please please subscribe and become another book comment.

Down below which of the have you used any of these products and did you like any of the product when do you agree with anything I said thanks.
For watching alright everybody bye..