Hello could sisters today I’m doing talking about the I’m from ginseng serum this product was kind of provided for review by wish Trent and this my very first kimchi products that contains ginseng so I was very excited to try it out so the fact description say concentrated ginseng extract Sun and ginseng serum enhances blood circulation to makes complexion.

More fresh and slightly it then acts to replenish nutrients in the skin to smoothen and restore use formulated with seven point nine eight percent.
Concentrated ginseng extract the.

Ginseng serum is designed to naturally enhance blood circulation to make your complexion look more lively while replenishing the necessary nourishment for healthier younger skin the packaging of the serum is quite pretty and very functional it has a dropper top to disperse the serum which ensures the serum space hygienic.

And the dropper dispenses the perfect amount of serum smooth the instructions say to use three to four drops and.

My dropper holes slightly more than four drops the serum has a pale orange color a scaly sexist cosseting and smelled heavily of ginseng the sweet is both a positive point as.

Well as a negative for me at first the scent was overwhelming and it made me feel a little bit sick however after time I got used to the smell and I actually kind of liked it now I use my hands to apply the serum because the heat from my hands helps the serum absorb faster I find the serum spreads evenly across my skin but it does take a couple of minutes to sink in I.

Believe that this is also because I do use quite a lot of it and the more I use the nice and my skin.

I’m happy to wait a little bit it does leak a slightly sticky finish on my skin but I would usually apply an emulsion and a cream over the top so the finish doesn’t really bother me in before and after so it doesn’t look like there’s too much difference but look at how plump and hydrated my skin actually looks so a look at the serum is inexpensive at around 30 US dollars it has.

Pretty functional packaging it smells heavily of ginseng it is super easy to apply and it makes my skin look plump hydrated and pretty I don’t love that it smells heavily of ginseng which made me kind of sexist that with it takes a little bit of time to absorb and at least a slightly.

The skin I am absolutely in love with the serum but negative points that I listed are not really new to me but I thought that it would be good to point them out anyway I think that the.

Scent of this product is very very strong and if you are heavily affected by Simpson I do not think that you would like it the stickiness and the absorption time would just be nullified if I use this a bit but I like the results that I get if I use more of it so I’m happy to wait and have that slightly sticky finish since this is my first event jumpin serum I’m not sure that is the theorem itself that.

Is perfectly mixed in so beautifully or suggesting so I really do want to try some other ginseng.

Spirits if you guys have any recommendations please do leave them down below so I can check them out but to be honest if this product wasn’t seeking me for review it would actually be a holy grail for me because I am obsessed with the way it makes my skin look I’ve never had my skin look so plump and so beautiful it does help with any fine lines and it just makes my skin look and feel amazing and it’s not just when I’m using it.

If I use don’t use it for a couple of days my skin still feels and looks beautiful too so although I.
Will be continuing to obviously use it and I.

Think it’s not one that just gives you the effects until you wash it off as something that actually helps my skin retain their bounce as well which is just so nice I don’t think I’ve been quite so passionate about the skincare products and quite while either so I really really do.

Like this theorem and I highly recommend that you guys check it out as well because I don’t know I’ve never had a product makes my face feel so nice so I recommend B I’m from ginseng serum to any princesses who are looking for a ginseng base spirit that is inexpensive and plus and hydrates the skin so beautifully thank you so much to wishtrend for sending.

This product to me for review if you guys would like an extra five dollars off any pictures you can use my coupon code which is energy down bar thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you next time bye.