Hey guys so it’s about the time that I go through my trash okay so y’all know how I typically do empties I go through what I finished these are things that I probably wouldn’t talk about too much on the channel because it’s more like routine type stuff but I’m able to give you some reviews and that kind of.

Jazz just quick mini reviews because real talk it wouldn’t happen otherwise all right so again y’all know subscribe like comment all that jazz all my social medias are down in the description box alright and let’s.

Get into it okay guys empties cuz I’m a.

Hoarder and I keep Sephora bags so I think it’s mostly skincare because this came out of my bathroom where I do my skincare and this is makeup stuff that I finished okay so let’s do the smaller bag first alright so I have this here and it is actually Scandinavia that I poured in here so I had a skin to Naevia bottle I want to say it was the oil control one because I think that’s the only one I use anyways.

Sprays so this is why it’s in this bottle and I finished it I have it’s not my favorite I’m.

Setting spray but it’s decent so I went through that another setting spray oh god I have a lot.

Of second sprays in here another setting spray Milani make it last 16 hour where there’s like a little bit left in here but I’m not gonna finish that so I went through this also I do like this one I have a few more setting sprays that I’m kind of trying to get through you know I’m working my way through my collection well.
I’m working my way through things that I can use them in.

My collection like eyeshadows and stuff that will never get you stuff or there’s also powders so that doesn’t matter but yeah so I will repurchase this but it will have to.

Be done once I get through some of the other sprays that I don’t really care for I’m decluttering this I started to go through my collection and kind of get rid of some stuff that are just taking up room especially foundations y’all know I’m a huge huge huge complexion product person I have just it’s ridiculous how many foundations I have that.

I do not use anyways so I have this Pro Longwear foundation from Mac and I don’t know if y’all can see.
How gross it looks let me come on focus focus.

Focus get off my face so do y’all see how gross that looks this is definitely spoiled so I’m going to declutter other than.

That I finished what is this some cinema secrets that I had in a spray bottle okay so Hilah might you know my heart hurts so if y’all haven’t if y’all have not been following be.

Kind of melt down if that’s what we want to call it let’s call it a meltdown of the owner CEO founder of deci ‘m DCM i’m not sure how we pronounce.

The name of the company but they are basically the ordinary that’s probably the most popular company from them but they have various companies in their portfolio Halla might is one of those and he has just been just losing it all so social media I mean up till what was it maybe two two days ago he was basically very anti-semitic and so it’s it’s it’s tough but I.

Did finish this match 12 primer from hilum ID my lights are bright I got a new lighting situation do y’all like it you like it I was getting kind of upset because I was having a lot.