But also can we just appreciate my top for a moment friends like living for it anyway should promise get started hello everyone and welcome back to my channel today I am filming a sit-down video which I haven’t done in a while today I’m actually from it’s my dog like what the hell is in my house one thing so.
I’m back anyway today I am filming a.

Empties video for you guys all makeup related and I’m.

You guys a mini review and whether I would repurchase the product.

Again who is messaging me at this time it’s not okay I also feel very much hyped today I don’t know why I have uni after this I really shouldn’t be feeling hyped I hate so.

The first product is an old fave of mine but still a faith right now it is the Australis fresh and flawless powder as you can see I have well and truly hit pan.

On this one so again I have repurchased this is in darkest brown which I think I’ve ready repurchased another one but I think it’s a shade.

Or two lighter than this one because this one is it quite dark I think I’m gonna save this one more for like summer tan time so yeah I repurchase this it’s amazing I love it.

I’ve used it literally for like three or four years now it is amazing sticking on the powder theme I have this stay matte powder here which.

Has definitely had its day is like all cracked and everything and I definitely hit pan on it this is in the transparent transparent shade so it doesn’t actually give you any color I use these for under my eyes to set their because they don’t want to add any extra color after I’ve put concealer on but I decided I’m actually I’m actually going to stop using this one because I’ve noticed that whenever I put it on it.

Gives me like a million sparkles under my eyes and like sparkles a great in all but like it looks like I don’t know looks really weird like recently I started using foundation more.

Often so I put this all over my face after to like mattify my face and it made me Sparkle like a disco ball and it was just a bit too much for me so I’m gonna try and find another powder.

Isn’t as sparkly it doesn’t really make sense to me why a matte powder would be sparkly so yeah so I’m gonna try mine over moving on I have three concealers to show you.

Guys because I don’t know why but.

All my concealers have run out at the same time so anyway the first one is the Maybelline age rewind concealer I thought they were discontinuing this a long time ago but I must have got false information because I’m pretty sure they still sell this install and ideas are really good it lasted me so so so so long I love the applicator it’s like a spongy applicator mine was in the shade fair Claire and I used it just to brighten under my eyes it was nice.

It is very very fair so if I was to repurchase maybe I’d get the shade up because it is very light but it is really really nice and the scheme easy to blend love it it is a bit more pricey I think it’s like 25 dollars well maybe 20 I don’t know but it’s still a pretty good concealer and it lasts a long time next.

I have the covergirl outlast all-day concealer this one is in 810 fair Claire this one again was an under-eye concealer really.