Got get it again in the Nike sweatshirt from like 2006 hey everybody welcome back to my channel my name is Christina and today I have an anodic of empties to get through with you guys so we will be going through my empties today that I’ve been accumulating and collecting in a corner of my room for three months and.
I feel like in three months I actually.

Have a lot but I decided I’m gonna do things a teensy bit different this time around because.

This is the first empties video that I’m doing for 2018 and I’m doing a new amount of breath I’m too excited I am pretty much starting 2018 with the mindset.

Of not adding so much items to my collective everything I just cleaned out my closet yesterday because I was feeling inspired to live more minimally minimally I’m kind of doing the same take with my.
Makeup this year so I’m doing the project pan videos.

I’m trying not to buy as much makeup and.

If I am buying makeup I want to make sure that it’s stuff that I know I’m gonna use gonna try and actually use up stuff not my.

Empties for this year I’m gonna do things slightly different I am going to calculate prices basically gonna see how much value I have in the amount of empties I have kind of assessed that.

If the money that I’m spending is actually being used up or at least a certain percentage is being used up that makes sense without further ado we are going to get into it I’m going to have everything categorized by skincare then makeup is my second largest and then haircare hair cares my smallest which should be no surprise to anyone so before we get started make sure to hit that subscribe button because I do upload on Monday.

Wednesday and Friday at 5 p.

Eastern and I don’t you guys to miss out on anything and now let’s just get into.

The video okay so we are going to start with haircare because it is my smallest section so we can get through really quickly that and.

There are so many multiples of a certain product that is in literally every empties video so I went through a lot of batiste dry shampoo I have three full-size bottles.

Two travel-size bottles and I’ve talked about these every month we talked about these these are amazing done next hair care item that I used up is this one this is the not your mother’s beach babe texturizing sea salt spray I pretty much used to this religiously during the.

Summer and what I remember I liked it I don’t.

Think I’ll be repurchasing it though because I don’t really remember it that well.

I’ll probably be trying a different sea salt spray but this summer definitely let me know in the comments if you have a favorite.

Texturizing spray or a sea salt spray because I would love to.

Try a new one next item is a body wash and I’ve talked about this one before I have mentioned this in multiple favorites I’m pretty sure and this is the soap & Glory clean on.

So good is very moisturizing and just is just a good.

Body wash my last item in my haircare section is this john frieda luminous color glaze in the brunette color this is what I’ve been using on my hair for the last month and a half no not even that this is what I’ve.