Hi everyone welcome back today I’m gonna be sharing some empty products with you it’s been a while since I’ve filmed this I feel like I’d say that every time it has though and I don’t even know what’s in here like I wanted to kind of go through it but my baby has been napping really well and we’re leaving.

For vacation soon and I want to get as many videos filmed as I can so I’m gonna just kind of jump in here and let’s just do this alright so the first thing I see it is by Camille.

Beck man this is the urban bloom moisture rich body silk holy cow I love this stuff so much I definitely want to repurchase this I don’t know how much it is or where to buy Camille Beckman this was sent to me for PR they sent me this they sent me a couple of bath salt packages and a hand cream that I’m still using I really.

Did love everything that I tried from them but this stuff was amazing because it’s like a really thin texture lotion but it’s so hydrating I’ve never experienced anything like it usually the only hydrating lotions that work for me have like shea butter or something really thick in them but this was really thin and it still worked amazingly so I love this stuff it does have a lot of oils in it that I saw so.

That could be the ingredients that are super hydrating you know but I don’t know I just really love this the scent was super nice wild plum and PNE a really nice floral slightly.

Fruity scent just really Pleasant really impressed with this one I finished up my self-tanner this is the Arbonne liquid sunshine sunless self-tanner this stuff is really nice too it’s actually what I’m wearing right now I do have another bottle that I’m going to be using this summer I was glad to finish this one.

It for a while but I’ve never used a self tanner that you have to use like a mitt for or that you put on and then you wait a few hours and then you shower what that’s I’ve never done that I’m not against it I just have never ventured into that world but this product I just.

Put on after the shower after I moisturize usually and I just put this on all over my body wherever I want to be tan usually focus on my legs.

Cuz that’s the part that doesn’t get tan and I like it it’s a really natural glow it’s very warm and it’s just it’s just super easy to use I don’t know.

I just really like it it does have a little bit of a self tanner smell but I don’t mind that smell so I I really I really enjoy this like I said I already have a second bottle that I am working on so here’s the moisturizer like I.

Was talking about before this is the thicker shea butter based moisturizer from Bath & Body Works this is the energy kind orange ginger I love these so much I have been.
Eyeing up Bath and Body Works for their semi-annual sale which.

I think is either happening.

Now or happening soon because I’m probably gonna buy some more of these I just can’t find anything else like them and I love the variety of scents.

I love going through different scents you know changing it up I just I like that and I love the scent it sticks around it smells really good and again like I said this formula really does work for me too this is a hair masque this is the.