Hey guys hope you’re all well and good maybe thank you for your lovely comments on my video I really appreciated I’m so glad that you enjoyed the videos that you subscribe boo boo day I’m going to be talking to you guys my little beauties about foundations now there is not like I would talk about foundations is because I.

Actually used unique beyond perfecting I’ll be using that for a few months now it’s the only foundation which I found which tips a lot of boxes for me and it didn’t accordingly spark to gave me nice coverage my main bugbear was the price 50 which is quite a lot meaning.

So if I was growing up scrolling innocently down my newsfeed on my iPhone I came across an article lording how amazing this new foundation is l’oreal infallible 24 hour fresh web and apparently how all the makeup artists are going crazy over it so I thought okay well I’ll.

Give it a go let’s try out and see and compare it to my clinic so that’s what I did I’ve been using about that for a week so this side of.

My face has got the Loreal and this side of my face has got two Clinique okay so how I thought I’d remember it left for L’Oreal ll cause I’ll just get I’ll get all confused I’m already put the Foundation’s on because I was too much of a.

Chicken to go encounter without any foundation I will get there one day but I’ll put no other makeup on bottom bar this is my foundation and a little bit of lip gloss back then oh and my youths Aloha my under eye concealer illuminator thinking that’s it.

No other makeup bless your bronzer mask our brother blah blah he’s gonna be quite distracting so I thought we just had the foundation on and you guys can like decide okay so first.

Of all let’s go through this one this is the clinic I’ve been using this is the container you open it up it’s got an.

Applicator okay with the applicator you just dab it on the areas of your face and then you spread it with a sponge or a brush in my case I prefer to use a sponge I just feel that it gives you.

More even coverage where isn’t the brush I feels no matter how much you brush you can still see those brush marks on your face so Oh nobody get on with the brush okay it smells it doesn’t have a.

Smell its fragrance free it’s not quite oh my nose it smells quite product teak you know I’ve got a product with smell laughs so not particularly appealing.

Really the consistency is quite thick okay so if I show you under that doesn’t go my hand like so okay hopefully you can see that can see it’s not it’s not dripping down my.

Handwriting is just staying put and if I just give it a rub so you can see how it blends in with the rest of my hand you see okay so it’s got a nice nice coverage nice even coverage can you see the main problem I have with.

The connect other than it is quite you know quite pricey quite costly so their problem that I found with it is that it tends to cake that’s my only problem said you put a thin layer it’s.

Fine it doesn’t really cake with the more layers you you put on the cake here.

It gets and it just looks like you know you’re just you’re sweet obviously very impatient you know some people listen and they’re only lots of foundation you just think oh he looks really unnatural it just looks like you know walking Foundation but so that doesn’t undo that effect.

If you’re not careful then from fire you look okay.

There’s somebody sitting right next to you and you know you’re talking your way that ring away and they’re kind of just kind of fixated on your cheek or on your forehead that they’ll be able to tell be able to tell with this what I love about connect this foundation is that it doesn’t give me spots or breakouts me you and you into boots and you get the connect counter.

Nor the clinique ladies and they’re wearing their little lab coats well that’s the impression that they’re trying.
To give us that’s what they tell us that they are quite.

Sciency doctory kind of Dermatologists kind of working there for us so I think that’s fine don’t.

Want to give us and that is what they do for sensitive skin apparently now.

This if we compare it okay it doesn’t have like a little applicator thing it’s just you just press down okay I’m just gonna want my hands we can compare the two hey so here it is as you can see okay it’s just a push down dispensing mechanism so if I show you.

Again there you go so I’ve just a one squirt there can you see how runny but is.

You see how runny it is it’s just dripping down my hand it’s totally different consistency.

To the connec I’m not careful it’s gonna go all over the table so if you can see when I rub it on my hand can you see it’s much sort of shinier it’s more like liquidy more water-based a little bit of this will take you a long way now what I did like about this one is that it doesn’t take as much as the connectors so I don’t know if you can tell on my face if.

They’re disabled difference in the camera this side like I said my L’Oreal this is Mike you need now to me the L’Oreal let’s cakey my here it has takes a bit with the Clinique a.

Little bit here a little bit here maybe but with the L’Oreal it doesn’t cake and also it’s it gives me a lovely glow and I think you can see because as he saw it was quite like shiny it wasn’t.

Really kind of matte than dull like this one okay so what I’m going to do I’m going to put any subs on this hand okay so here’s my L’Oreal they’re.

Hands okay now I’m going to put a little bit on this hand as well just so that you can.

Compare and see okay okay so there’s your L’Oreal there’s your clinic okay hopefully it’s clearing the camera I’m not sure but can you see the difference on my hand yeah this isn’t this is more matte really thicker this is more shiny sort of gloomy so it gives your face of the glowy effect and because it’s so water base and quite.

Watery it just glides onto your face and you can also add more of it without it caking and it will just glides on beautifully so I really like that about my L’Oreal now the only problem I had with this to be honest was that it did give me spots over the course of the week and it wasn’t loads of spots because I have tried.

To other foundations and they have given me huge pre-cut.

I’m talking like spot monster is out on the loose so so I did have a few spots but then it was it wasn’t that many.