Whose daily just one – not that many so you could have just been by chance just.

You know look wasn’t on its side maybe but you know is it enough to stop me from using in the future no to be honest I was really happy with it they are both 30ml containers.

Okay the cost this one is 28 pounds 50 different boots this one is 10 pounds 99 from.

Boots just on my check so there’s a huge difference huge difference in price suppose both of them lasted the same amount of time so at the end of the.

Day it was the same on my face I couldn’t really see much difference I think because they’re both full coverage foundations some foundations that you buy they’re like medium coverage or natural coverage I think with those ones I don’t need you like wearing those on.

Suckers like a heart really is not covering anything but with both of them because they’re both full coverage.

You know they did last it did cover everything and it did last as well you know all day to be honest the same I can’t really see much.

Difference between the two okay guys to check for transferability I did the white jacket challenge now I’m sure all of you guys own some white clothing or white jackets or white shirts or some like piece of clothing.

And it’s so annoying when you.

Put your foundation on and you’ve just literally just put on that lovely clean crisp shirt lovely and fresh and clean or even worse a jacket because you’re gonna take that as soon as you get to wherever you’re going and you take it off and it’s got foundation all over the collar and people are probably thinking like girl when was the last time you wash that yeah it’s quite embarrassing quite awkwardly isn’t it so I thought what better.

To do than the whites jacket challenge to see how comfortable they are the bright side you can eke.

He left so Demario the right.

Side has got more of the canoes that’s a problem I’ve always had with Clinique is that it is so transferable and I did actually go back to the lady the clinic lady and.

She told me to buy a powder to set it base I didn’t really see much.

Of a difference I did we do make much of a difference to me it has this fork out another 28 pound for the powder the lore’l as you can see there is obviously still some transference but.

Up in Oriole wins on the transferability the white jacket test okay so I think overall I am converted to L’Oreal yes the makeup artists were right initially I didn’t think I think well they’re the makeup artists they’re not wearing the makeup themselves so I don’t think they really care and it gives their model spots or if it.

Makes this can feel all tight or if it’s transferring but yeah I was clinically surprised the really can’t justify using or buying the Clinique when to be honest I found that this one probably did a better job if it was just for the spots so I’m going to I want to carry on using in front of the.

Week and see how we go with this box I’m hoping that it was just by chance because I really need a good foundation yeah so this is the.

Winner okay guys I hope you enjoyed that video I hope you found it useful and informative please if you enjoyed this video like share subscribe we’d love to hear any comments you have any comments whatsoever looked.

In here nice comments I don’t want mean comments alright then guys so hopefully I will see you guys soon and happy foundation shopping bye you.